About Our Amazing Community

At American Promise, community is everything—it is our citizen-led community that will win the 28th Amendment and reinvigorate our nation by asserting the right of equal representation for every citizen.

This week, thanks to generous contributions from several members of our community, we have come together and raised $50,000 toward our grassroots strategy for 2019. Several American Promise members matched our Giving Tuesday donations, enabling us to build up the resources to execute on our strategies for 2019.

Thank you to these individuals for their match: American Promise National Advisory Council Member Debra Winger and Arliss Howard; National Finance Council Members John and Johanna Boynton, Tara and Michael Edelman, and Jack and Melissa McBride; American Promise President and Co-Founder Jeff Clements and Nancy Heselton

When we say community is the key to success, we mean it. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Emmy-winning PBS producer Hedrick Smith has spent the past several years doing on-the-ground reporting around successful citizen-led reform movements across the nation. One key to success? “Reform movements work best when their funds come from a mass of small donors,” Smith says.

Across the nation, citizens are stepping up, working together and making change happen. At American Promise, we are bringing together Americans of all stripes—citizen leaders, elected officials, parents and grandparents, former senators and representatives, celebrities, business leaders, veterans and more—to reignite our sense of shared community. Not as Democrats. Not as Republicans. But as Americans.

This community is engaged, passionate and making change happen. If you haven’t already, we invite you to join us! Sign up for our newsletter, join a local group or contributeThe promise of America is for ALL of us. Make it yours. #myamericanpromise

Here, we share the words of a few members of our growing community, all dedicated to preserving the most precious promise of America: liberty and justice for all citizens.

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