A Fond Farewell to Ben Gubits

Ben Gubits was American Promise’s very first staff member, who helped us launch and grow these past three years. Ben, who served most recently as our National Political Director, will be transitioning in early June to a new opportunity, but we are glad that he will continue to be a part of our American Promise community, and is as committed to our cause and success as ever. All of us at American Promise are grateful for Ben’s dedication and wish him every success. We know Ben will bring his passion, energy, and experience to his new work, and know that we will continue to benefit from Ben’s advice and commitment to our cause.

Though Ben will be dearly missed, American Promise is well positioned to accelerate the momentum to pass and ratify the 28th Amendment and win the fundamental reform America urgently needs. Johannes Epke, Counsel, is responsible for managing our congressional work and candidate pledge campaign. Wambui Gatheru (Wambuig@americanpromise.net), Outreach Manager, is building out our powerful network of partnerships and allies, and bringing many more Americans from different backgrounds, regions and demographics together to get the job done, and Azor Cole (Azorc@americanpromise.net), State Manager, will head up much of the state legislative work and continue to support the Citizen Empowerment program, and all of our staff, members, and supporters across the country are committed to working together for victory.

Ben Gubits poses with citizen activists in New Hampshire.

Ben offers this message to the American Promise community: “Working with all of you these last (almost) four years has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I’m truly inspired by each and every one of you who continue to fight, day in and day out, for a more equitable and just democracy. Thank you for your friendship, for believing in this historic cause, and for all the sacrifices you have made to make this movement possible.

At the last NCLC, Bill Moyers said it best. ‘Fight with your life for the Republic, because the Republic is fighting for its life.’ I know all of you will continue to do so. See you at the next National Citizen Leadership Conference.

With love and gratitude,

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