Voting in Times of National Crisis

Amid the uncertainty that the pandemic has created around the world, Americans hold fast to the critical importance of one key facet of our democracy: the right to representative government that reflects the wishes of we the people. Even, or perhaps especially, in times of crisis, we have to make sure that every American can exercise their right to vote.

That’s why American Promise has joined Fix the System with other allies from cross the country—to ensure that citizens have the resources they need so they can vote safely in their state while also protecting public health. Click here to find out if your state has vote-at-home options and what you need to do to receive your ballot in your state.

But we don’t just vote for the sake of voting. We’re in it to elect candidates who will support the big structural reforms we need to repair the fabric of our democracy that has been frayed by big money’s influence. American Promise’s three-part strategy to win the 28th Amendment relies on amplifying citizen action, building cross-partisan consensus, and holding elected officials accountable.

In this election year, the third element holds special prominence. Citizen leaders are able to drive action by asking candidates to sign the American Promise Candidate Pledge and make a public commitment to use their powers, if elected, to support the 28th Amendment. By talking with candidates about the importance of getting big money out of politics—and sharing the strong cross-partisan support for an amendment—citizen leaders help raise awareness of the demand for change while also building momentum to win the 28th Amendment. 

Ready to Ask Your Candidate?  Learn 5 Simple Tips to Get Your Candidate to Sign the Pledge

They would be joining a group of more than 250 candidates, including 13 of the 2020 presidential candidates, who have signed the American Promise Candidate Pledge since the 2018 midterms. The growing number of pledge signers has helped American Promise citizen leaders amplify the movement for an amendment across the nation, growing awareness and support for the need to set reasonable campaign limits and distinguish between corporations and people.

As the November election approaches, the movement for the 28th Amendment and the American Promise Candidate Pledge serve as ways that citizen leaders can refocus attention on the upcoming vote. American Promise continues to provide tools and other support for American Promise Chapters and other citizen leaders moving forward with this important work amid stay-at-home orders: by computer, by phone, by mail, and other avenues of communication. 

By asking candidates to pledge to change our dysfunctional government and represent their wishes when they shape public policy, citizen leaders can help Americans identify candidates who support the promise and transformational reform that the 28th Amendment will bring. 

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