Statement of Jeff Clements on the Anniversary of Shelby v. Holder

Statement of Jeff Clements, president of American Promise, on the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby v. Holder:

“Over the past decade, the Supreme Court has substituted its own prejudices and preferences in place of the law of the land and the equal Constitutional rights of every American. From striking down fair election spending laws in Citizens United to riding roughshod over the Voting Rights Act in Shelby, the Court has cast aside the right of all Americans to be represented, heard, vote and participate in self-government.

The result has been gross inequality, corruption of government, crisis, and exposure of our democracy to serious erosion. As before in our history, Americans are rising to this threat, and will reverse these catastrophic decisions of the Court, and come together for justice and renewal of the American Promise of equal rights and opportunity for all.”

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