Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American Democracy

After two years of study, research, and nearly 50 community meetings with hundreds of Americans from different demographic and political backgrounds around the nation, the Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship, a bipartisan group convened by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences has created its vision to reinvent a more inclusive, effective and resilient democracy for the 21st century. 

On June 11, that vision will be revealed in its report, Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century, which lays out a blueprint for how to strengthen America’s institutions and civic culture.

While the task is big, this work is critical if we hope to save a democracy in crisis. The overarching goal aligns with our work at American Promise: Americans across the political spectrum advancing work to improve the resilience of our democracy by 2026, our nation’s 250th anniversary. 

JOIN THE EVENT: Register for the webinar that starts at 1 p.m. ET June 11

During the virtual launch, the commission will outline essential steps to strengthen America’s institutions and civic culture in six strategies fundamental to a healthy American democracy:

  • Achieve equality of voice and representation.
  • Empower voters.
  • Ensure the responsiveness of political institutions. 
  • Expand civic bridging capacity. 
  • Build a civic information architecture that supports common purpose. 
  • Inspire a culture of commitment to American democracy and one another. 
Register online for the June 11 webinar announcement.

Based on its two years of information-gathering and dozens of listening sessions across the country, the commission’s report identifies several areas where citizen leaders with American Promise and other democracy reform organizations already are working to advance deep systemic change. 

“The commission’s call to action reflects the fact that most Americans see our constitutional democracy is in crisis,” says Jeff Clements, President of American Promise. “It lays out a very specific blueprint for how Americans can rebuild, renew, and reinvent democracy for the 21st century. There’s no doubt it’s a challenge, but we’re ready to get to work.” 

Citizen leaders who already are working for the 28th Amendment to enact reasonable limits on campaign contributions have answered the call to help create change in our country. Whether you are part of an American Promise Chapter, have signed the Statement of Principle for Business Professionals, or have written a letter to the editor in support of the 28th Amendment, you already are part of the solution needed for our republic. 

JOIN THE EVENT: Register for the webinar that starts at 1 p.m. ET June 11.

The June 11 event will further amplify this work by Americans of all political persuasions and emphasize the urgent need for reforms to restore democracy. 

We accept the challenge to create a better future for our nation. Will you join us?

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