Cartoon of the Week: Democracy, Unity, and a Ray of Hope

Throughout our history change has come from one individual after the next deciding that the status quo would no longer suffice. It was the combination of each one of those individuals that sparked growth and change throughout America. From the collaborative ratification of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights to the gathering of a handful of women activists in the 1874 “Woman’s Rights Convention,” the steps that “ordinary” Americans took in these moments of intentional collaboration are what make up political and social change.

Now once more, individuals are coming together with the united decision that as we grow as a nation, so should our standards. Regardless of political affiliation, people across the states are sparking conversations, attending town halls, writing op-eds, volunteering for ballot measures and overall working to pass local and state legislation, all for the common goal of the For Our Freedom Amendment.

Uniting for change is what America does best, it’s in the name, and the phrase “now more than ever” will continue to stand true unless change is made. Unchecked political spending is growing at exponential rates. It is up to Americans to make sure reasonable limits are put into place before the voice of the people is completely snuffed out by big money and special interest groups. My challenge for you today is to take a level of action that fits you. Join us as we move one step closer to a truly representative America.

Whatever you choose, it is the decision to act that makes a difference, that is what makes history.

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