Candidate Pledge Training

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Join us for our monthly volunteer meeting for the Candidate Pledge Program! The American Promise¬†Candidate Pledge¬†is a volunteer-led effort to get candidates and elected officials at all levels of government to pledge on the record that they will use their office to advance a constitutional amendment to put people, not money, in charge of our…

Pay-to-Play Politics + The Money Arms Race – Dallas, Texas

Park City Club 5956 Sherry Ln #1700, Dallas, TX

PAY-TO-PLAY POLITICS & THE MONEY ARMS RACE: A ‚ÄúCONSTITUTIONAL MOMENT‚ÄĚ TO RESTORE SANITY? In today‚Äôs America, free enterprise is too often replaced by ‚Äúpay-to-play,‚ÄĚ where firms and special interests use political spending to compete for favors. Business leaders feel pressure to compete in the political money arms race, and lawmakers are forced to spend 30-70%…