The Promise of a Better Future for All Americans

We’re protecting our elections from foreign money and special interests and pursuing freedom for all Americans.

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The For Our Freedom Amendment Explained.


UnCommonWealth - a study of big money corruption in Pennsylvania politics.


What is Dark Money? Our team breaks it down for you.

What is American Promise?

American Promise is an organization comprised of over 100,000 professionals, elected officials, business leaders, volunteers and supporters working for passage of the For Our Freedom constitutional amendment and ensure that 38 states are ready to ratify that amendment.

People from all across America are coming together for our freedom, to strengthen our nation against foreign interference, division, and dysfunction. This is not for Republicans or Democrats. It’s for all of us. With more than 75% of Americans supporting a constitutional amendment, and millions of us taking action, we can do this for all of us – with your support.

  • Called on Congress to pass a 28th Amendment.
  • Active American Promise Chapter.
  • Active citizen leaders working to pass an amendment.
  • Get your state moving!
Our Promise

Our movement will strengthen our fundamental values


America was founded on freedom. For Our Freedom, we will amend the constitution to combat corruption, end elite and foreign money control of our elections, and secure the free speech and representation of all Americans.


America was founded on equality. All are created equal, endowed with unalienable rights. When those with massive concentrated wealth can use that wealth to control elections, we do not have equal rights or representative self-government.


To keep the promise of freedom, Americans have always answered the call to serve. When big money donors turn elections into ugly and divisive two-party contests, Americans who would serve stay away, and neighbor is turned against neighbor.


Free people are creative people. Americans have always sought to solve problems and shape the future we want through new invention and innovation. However, corruption creates a top-heavy system that stifles innovation and creativity.


Let’s face it, Americans like to win. And a fair chance to compete benefits everyone. But not in our political system, where a few big donors call the shots.

Candidate Pledge Program

A volunteer-led effort to get candidates and elected officials at all levels of government to pledge on the record that they will use their office to advance the For Our Freedom Amendment to put people, not money, in charge of our political system.

"I am proud to sign the American Promise Pledge. I support amending the Constitution to guard against corruption and protect liberty, federalism, and the equal rights of free speech. We need to get money out of elections and the government."
David Mann
Cincinnati City Council member and Candidate for Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio
"We have to stop letting corporations and billionaires control our politicians and buy our elections. Now is the time to end Citizens United, reject corporate PAC donations, and get big money out of politics."
Raffel Prophett
Candidate for Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio
"Unlimited corporate donations have flooded Virginia's politics, drowning out the voice of the working class. I will stand up to corporate interests and push for true campaign finance reform so that legislation is made only by the people for the people."
Richard Walker
Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates, Distrct 71
"Let's get dark money out of political public service and require transparency"
Raffel Prophett
Candidate for Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio