NCLC 2019 in Review

It’s On!
Gearing up to take our movement to the next level in 2020.

After a year of major successes, champions for the 28th Amendment came together at the National Citizen Leadership Conference to fuel up and plan to accomplish four necessary goals for 2020, to win ratification by 2026:

Cause of Our Time

Lifting the voices of young Americans who are standing up for their beliefs

Manu Meel

I think that even in our divisive political moment today, where things seem absolutely hopeless, I still believe in everyday Americans, especially young people's ability to make change. So thank you so much for investing in today, while myself and my fellow leaders continue to invest in tomorrow.

―Manu Meel, Chief Executive Officer, BridgeUSA

Ella McGrail says young people can become leaders in movements across the country, including ours!
Watch BridgeUSA CEO Manu Meel share how we move forward at divisive political moments, the role youth can play, and where we can find hope.

Citizen Leadership

Empowering citizens to act and lead on local, state-wide, and national campaigns

Every single one of us as a citizen is called to participate in our democracy. We can't wait for one large change, one person to be impeached, one rule to be shifted to fully participate in our democratic republic. Every single one of us is expected to engage and be active citizens whether or not there's an Election Day happening.

―Leslie Danks Burke, Founder and President of Trailblazers PAC

Steve Lipscomb, Founder of FixIt America, shares why he is so optimistic for the future of our movement.
Renaldo Pearson, Director of External Affairs at RepresentUs, offers a moving statement about why we can’t stand on the sidelines and watch as political corruption seeks to destroy our democracy.

We the People

Connecting and cooperating across ideologies, interests, and motivations

It doesn't matter what issue is your issue. Whether it is climate and healthcare, or government spending, and industrial subsidies that end up raising taxes on everyone. There will be no progress on any issue, no real common sense progress that reflects the will of the people, until we have a government that actually represents people.

―Ellen Read, New Hampshire State Representative

Katie Fahey (The People), Leslie Danks Burke (Trailblazers PAC), Sangita Sigdyal (FairVote), and Scott Greytak (RepresentUs) discuss their democracy reform efforts. Their work serves as the maintenance needed to build a representative democracy on the foundation of the 28th Amendment.
Former New Hampshire State Senator Jim Rubens, a Republican, shares why he believes conservatives will get behind the 28th Amendment.

Working With Congress

Building congressional support that reflects the cross-partisan call from constituents

We are the people we've been waiting for. Every single one of you that is going to be engaged in coalition building, gathering signatures and putting things on ballots in your own states and making sure that your state legislatures are stepping up and taking this pledge, and then taking that fight to Washington, D.C. That's enormously important work.

―Sean Curran, Principal, Waterville Consulting

Citizens from all over the country joined together to meet with their members of Congress to ask them to support a 28th Amendment to get money out of politics. First stop: delivering the message of our time from the people of New Hampshire to the New Hampshire delegation in Congress.
Congressman Jamie Raskin (D - Maryland) says We the People is a radical notion, and one we as Americans must always protect.

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Photography by Sam Troia

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