"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth." -Muhammed Ali

Responsibility is a key component of governmental integrity and builds the foundation for a strong nation bound to the welfare of its people. Responsibility also means that each of us is responsible to uphold and maintain the health of our democratic republic by being active and engaged citizens. We believe that governments are responsible for protecting, providing and investing in a sustainable future for its citizens, and that we as citizens are responsible for maintaining a vibrant and active democracy by participating in our government.

Upholding Our Nation

By coming together to pass the For Our Freedom amendment, we are following in a tradition—beginning with the Bill of Rights—of the American people using the amendment process to expand the fundamental rights of our nation. Maintaining the health of our republic is our most solemn responsibility as Americans.

Voices for Responsibility

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"My grandparents did not sacrifice their lives for the right to vote just to see the votes of their children and grandchildren purged (or gerrymandered and hacked) a generation later."

RENALDO PEARSON, Director of External Affairs, RepresentUS

"You are fighting for the third emancipation in American history. The first emancipated slaves from bondage. The second emancipated African Americans from the tyranny of a Jim Crow noose and Jim Crow laws. And now the third great emancipation is to free our democracy from the grip of big money."

Award-winning journalist, author, and former White House Press Secretary BILL MOYERS

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donnel baird

"The only way to wrest control of our government from the oil and gas corporations is by passing legislation and amendments to create a habitable planet for my son. I don’t have any idealistic loyalties to the American dream; however, I do have loyalties to my son in trying to make sure that I do everything I can as a father to take control of this government away from the fossil fuel industry. That is why the work of American Promise is so important to me.

BlocPower Founder DONNEL BAIRD

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