"Democracy, the practice of self-government, is a covenant among free men to respect the rights and liberties of their fellows." -Franklin D. Roosevelt

America was founded on the idea that we should be free to determine our own fates and be the ones who make the decisions that affect our lives. Our federalist system was designed to guarantee that we can debate ideas with our neighbors and fellow citizens, and then together decide how to define the rules of their own communities, cities, counties and states. The value of self-government is that it entrusts the American people with being the best guiding force behind their own national interests.

Making Our Own Destiny

The rise of unlimited political spending means local elections have increasingly become nationalized. Outside interests from far away spend millions to influence election outcomes to suit their own needs, not the needs of the people who live there. By passing the For Our Freedom amendment, we’ll enable states to pass reasonable legislation to limit the use of money in elections and ensure the decisions that affect our lives are made by people where they live.

Voices for Self-Government

Jacob Brown

“Democracy is under assault across the world; the authoritarian leaders in China and Russia would like the world to believe that our form of democracy is untenable because there are too many opinions, freedoms, and liberties to govern effectively. I disagree and I’m sure you do too. The problem is that we have been bogged down in a fundraising contest between the parties to maintain power instead of substantive governing.”

JACOB BROWN, American Promise Development Coordinator

"Because 'We the People' are currently not explicitly guaranteed our sovereign rights in the governmental structure the Constitution creates...we find ourselves in a system that 'readily translates wealth into political power.' The proposed amendment would change that by reviving our collective power as 'sovereign lawmakers,' so that our government reflects our wishes rather than those of the wealthy elite."

American Promise Counsel Brian Boyle

Brian Boyle
Jim Rubens

"Our overseas enemies use unrestricted money to finance online political ads and web publishers. These hostile acts are concealed using in-kind contributions, favorable terms on loans from state-controlled banks, untraceable shell companies, American subsidiaries of foreign companies, nonprofit organizations, think tanks and ‘dark money’ political groups."

Former New Hampshire Senator JIM RUBENS

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