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Americans across General State Page Layout Template and, indeed, across the nation are coming together to stand up to corruption and outside money in our elections. We’re getting behind the For Our Freedom Amendment to the Constitution so our voices can be heard and our futures decided by we the people. 

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In 2020 more than $14B was spent on elections, the vast majority of it from a very small percentage of ultra-wealthy donors. To protect the right of General State Page Layout Template voters to make our own decisions and our way of life, we must stand together to end the flood of money drowning out our voices and our rights.

Copy of Pledge Signers

"We have come to expect business and wealthy individuals to fund our political system. Do we really want the strategic direction of our society, what we prioritize, what we tax and incentize to be determined by so few, and not by We, the People?"

MAURINE KLINE, Pirelli Tire, Rome, Georgia

Maureen Kline

Our Progress So Far

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    21 states have called on Congress to pass the amendment
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    Americans in all 50 states have signed the citizen pledge
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    Amendment legislation introduced in the House and Senate

American Promise is activating a grassroots, volunteer-led effort that has kept the issue of big money in politics at the forefront of the political conversation through media outreach, petition signing events and much more. 

Judy Nagel

"Pay-to-play politics diminish the republic and the principles on which it was established. We inherited a great legacy from our founders and it’s our responsibility to ensure that legacy for our next generation."

JUDY NAGEL, retired Vice President - Investment Officer at Wells Fargo Advisors; De Pere, Wisconsin

Who bankrolled Maine’s Most Expensive Senate Race Ever?
Hint: It's Not Mainers.

Big money in politics is a nationwide problem that affects us all. In our recent report, Under the Avalanche, American Promise investigates election spending in the state of Maine, where wealthy, out-of-state interests spent millions on disinformation, negative advertising and lies to influence the 2020 Senate race.

Dr. Jessica Hare

“Millions of people in states around the country have seen their elections dominated by big money from outside sources. And this spending has real consequences for all of us. We all lose when unlimited political spending from wealthy elites and outside interests gives undue political influence to a few while diminishing the power the rest of us hold.”

JESSICA HARE, Vice President Outreach, American Promise; Atlanta, Georgia


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