“Money can’t buy the deep love and passion we feel for the...freedom our Constitution guarantees.” -David Trahan, Waldoboro, Maine

When only the richest individuals, the biggest corporations, or the most powerful unions or special interests are “free” to participate in our political system through unlimited political spending, it follows that no one is free. Freedom means citizens with equal rights can debate, argue, and compete, election after election, decision after decision, to determine the course of our cities, states and nation.


The “For Our Freedom” Amendment

Freedom is a fundamental value inherent to our nation. Being free citizens means being free to express our views fairly about our government, laws, regulation and elections. In a society in which unlimited political spending is enabled, those with greater wealth are able to drown out and limit the free speech of others. The For Our Freedom Amendment will ensure that each American’s freedom is honored equally, without regard for their economic wealth.

Voices of Freedom

Alan LaPolice

"It is the unbridled flow of money from the wealthiest among us, with both foreign and domestic origins, that is strangling our political process. The relentless corporatization of our democracy, for the self-interests of the few, must be halted by 'we the people' so that all can speak as free and equal citizens."

Veteran and retired city manager CHET HUNT, Chattanooga, TN 

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"I am filled with hope, knowing that, long after I am gone, you and millions like you, imbued with that spirit of liberty, building on the sacrifices of those who gave their lives on the beaches of Normandy 75 years ago today, will strive to save our democracy and freedom."

Veteran Lieutenant ROBERT M. PENNOYER, New York, NY

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Keith Ellison
Scott Wallace

"With that reminder of the meaning of and human need for freedom and independence, we move forward with our work to ensure all Americans have equal representation and a voice in our political system."

GREGORY JOSEPH, American Promise Communications Director, New Orleans, LA 

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