Volunteer with American Promise and Join the Movement for a Better Future

Our question to you: Are you frustrated that your government is not solving any of the big issues you care about? You’re not alone. 

Americans from all walks of life report feeling worried, disconnected, and untrusting of our government and its institutions. In a recent Gallup survey, Americans reported a 7% confidence rating in Congress, a 23% confidence rating in the U.S. presidency, and a 25% confidence rating in the Supreme Court. 

Our message to Americans is this: You have the power to make change happen. 

Although it may not always feel like it, our country’s founders intended for everyday citizens to be a powerful force in the U.S., granting Americans – in the Constitution – the ultimate power to protect our rights when our freedoms are threatened. 

Unbridled political spending — often from outside our states and even outside our nation — turns elections into ugly and divisive contests, drowning out the voices of average American voters. More than 75% of Americans support a constitutional amendment to correct this imbalance and unfairness. 

Across the nation, American Promise volunteers are doing meaningful grassroots organizing work to get 38 states ready to ratify the For Our Freedom constitutional amendment and create a better future for us all. As it has been with all major movements across U.S. history, everyday citizens are the ones who will reclaim our government from foreign and elite money and ensure a government for We The People. 

What do American Promise volunteers do? 

American Promise volunteers across the country take on a wide variety of critical activities, all strategically aligned with our long-term goal. These include: 

  • Meeting with local civic groups and/or elected officials 
  • Gathering petition signatures to support ballot initiatives and local legislation 
  • Writing letters to the editor to raise awareness in their communities 
  • Tabling at community events such as fairs, conferences, and celebrations 
  • Learning skills and networking at our monthly AP Connect calls
  • Even helping pass local legislation! 

Who would I be working with? 

American Promise volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, interests, and political ideologies. 

  • They are business leaders, parents, teachers, healthcare professionals, grandparents, social workers, veterans, and students. 
  • They come to American Promise because they realize progress on other issues they care about cannot happen until we address this fundamental issue for our democracy. 
  • They work in every state, and they collaborate locally and nationally via in-person gatherings and virtual convenings. 
  • The most important thing every one of our volunteers has in common is a passion for our country and the fundamental belief that action is the way to make things better. 

Will I have support? 

One of our most important goals at American Promise is to provide our network of volunteers with the resources and support they need to confidently and effectively do grassroots organizing in their communities. 

We provide our volunteers with: 

  • Resources, toolkits, and one-on-one support
  • National virtual training calls every month on a variety of topics
  • The opportunity to meet and network with fellow civically minded Americans
  • Our annual national gathering, the National Citizen Leadership Conference and Lobby Day 

Why an amendment? 

People sometimes ask why our solution is a constitutional amendment. This is because the amendment process is how the American people can undo poor Supreme Court decisions and enshrine rights nationally. 

  • Eight of our 27 constitutional amendments have corrected Supreme Court decisions that compromised the Constitution. 
  • More than 75% of Americans support a constitutional amendment to correct the systemic problem of unlimited money in politics. 
  • Without an amendment backed by We The People, state legislature and Congress will not be able to fix this broken system. It is up to us. 

No matter your skills or interests, you can be a part of history and help create a better future for us all.

Are you interested? Sign up here to stay up to date on volunteering opportunities for American Promise! 

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