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I join the overwhelming majority of Americans to demand an amendment to the United States Constitution to end the domination of big money in politics and give voice to all Americans.
I will stand with all Americans, without regard to party or other differences, and urge all candidates and elected officials to do the same, in order to pass and ratify such a constitutional amendment as soon as possible.

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American Promise leaders are America’s most reliable, experienced sources on topics surrounding the dominance of money in politics, its implications for Americans across the nation, and the cross-partisan support for a solution. If you are interested in learning more, to inquire about an interview or speaking engagement, get in touch.

Can We Really Take Money Out of Politics?

The Messenger, 11/11/2023

Arizona requires campaigns to disclose their donors. Let’s do the same nationwide.

Arizona Central, 08/08/2023

Money is ruining politics. It’s time to fix that:

Dallas Morning News, 03/19/2023

Lawmakers should get foreign gov’t out of our elections.

Central Maine, 03/12/2023

Legislature, instead of voters, may decide to ban foreign influence in Maine referendums: Lawmakers should get foreign gov’t out of our elections.

Maine Public, 03/07/2023

American Promise Board Member Jim Rubens speaks to Newsmax during CPAC 2023

NewsMax, 03/05/2023

Bill Cortese Interviewed at CPAC: The CCP’s Influence Operations in the U.S. Pose a Threat to the Democracy of America

GNews, 03/03/2023

Town halls seek input for ending Citizens United

Columbus Dispatch, 02/24/2023

Lax campaign finance rules likely to survive Bankman-Fried scandal

NBC News, 01/15/2023

Group submits petitions for initiative to ban foreign spending on state referendums

Portland Press Herald, 11/02/2022

Mainers may get a say on whether foreign governments can spend money to influence their votes

Maine Public, 11/01/2022

Protect Maine Elections submits signatures to ban foreign government interference with elections

News Center Maine, 11/01/2022

Getting The Timing Right Is Essential For Social Change

Forbes, 10/31/2022

Clarion Chamber holds fall legislative breakfast

The Derrick, 10/29/2022

Hints of Republican Concern About Unlimited Campaign Cash

The New York Times, 09/29/2022

PA Senate Introduces Resolution To Overhaul Campaign Finance Regulations

For Our Freedom Pennsylvania, 09/21/2022

In An Era Of Record Political Spending, American Promise Makes The Business Case For Constitutional Reform

Forbes, 08/02/2022

Poll finds bipartisan support for fixing campaign finance laws

Pennsylvania Capital-Star, 06/08/2022

Pa. lawmaker, advocates call for U.S. Constitutional amendment that could end up banning dark money

Pennsylvania Capital-Star, 06/07/2022

Maine business should join effort to end foreign interference in our elections

Bangor Daily News, 04/21/2022

David Black: Who paid for that political ad? Who knows.

Broad and Liberty, 04/11/2022

The battle of Ukraine involves the American homefront

The Fulcrum, 03/25/2022

Trevor Potter: Future of self-government depends on campaign finance amendment

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 03/22/2022

Maine Voices: Protect Maine elections from foreign influence

The Press Herald, 02/10/2022

Amend Constitution to stop out-of-state and foreign campaign money from overpowering Pennsylvania voters

The Tribune Democrat, 02/04/2022

Social Workers and the American Promise

Social Work Today, 02/03/2022

How to Avoid Losing Friends Over Politics

Psych Central, 02/02/2022

American Promise Seeks End Dark Money Spending Politics

Dispatch, 01/17/2022

Virginians want campaign finance reform along with their new maps

Washington Post, 01/13/2022

New Poll Shows Majority of Virginians Support Campaign Finance Reform

Longview News Journal, 01/04/2022

To save the American promise: strategic audacity, practical idealism

The Fulcrum, 12/30/2021

Dark money in politics highlighted at Rotary event

Press Times, 10/21/2021

Commentary: A matter of liberty, equality and national security

The Post and Courier, 06/03/2021

American Promise: New Jersey Residents Lobby to Get Big Money Out of Politics

Insider NJ, 05/19/2021

Inside Sources by Jim Rubens: A Constitutional Remedy for the Campaign Money Aristocracy

Inside Sources, 05/18/2021

Senate campaign money investigation

Newscenter Maine, 04/16/2021

Record Spending In Collins-Gideon Senate Race Highlighted In Effort To Overturn Citizens United

Maine Public, 04/16/2021

Money we spend in politics is obscene

Saint Albans Messenger, Marnie Walsh, 03/09/2021

Opinion: Virginia is in dire need of campaign finance reform

The Washington Post, JoAnn Kennedy Flanagan, 02/21/2021

OP-ED: Stabilizing politics: Tom Udall’s crusade

Santa Fe New Mexico, Ishwari Sollohub, 02/01/2021

Lynn’s editorial should make us furious, and to act

Saint Albans Messenger, Marnie Walsh, 01/04/2021

OP-ED: A plan for improving American democracy

Observer-Reporter, Gary Stout, 12/23/2020

Conservatives’ hard choice: National security vs. political corruption

The Fulcrum, Jim Rubens, 12/18/2020

Your Views A shout out for citizen activism

Alexandria Times, Nancy Morgan, 10/01/2020

When Things Feel Dire, Remember Real Change Begins at the Grassroots Level

Truthout, Nina Turner, 08/10/2020

American Promise group pushes to amend US Constitution to end ‘dark money’

Columbus Dispatch, Theodore Decker, 08/09/2020

Amend Constitution to expel corrupting influence of big money in politics

Tennessean, Chet Hunt, 06/27/2020

Study commission calls for constitutional amendment limiting influence of money on elections

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 06/13/2020

Follow the Money: COVID-19, Foreign Interference in our Elections and How Businesses Help

Business 4 Protecting Elections, Sean Callahan, 06/08/2020

Taking the Long View in a Crisis: It’s Time to Fix the Rules So the Future has a Voice

American Promise, Peter Schwartz, 05/19/2020

The 49th state should be the 21st to call for the 28th Amendment

Juneau Empire, Joe Geldhof, 04/21/2020

The Business Case for Saving Democracy

Harvard Business Review, Rebecca Henderson, 03/10/2020

Too Much Money Corrupting Politics? Business Leaders Come Together To Fight Citizens United Case

International Business Times, Bobby Ilich, 03/10/2020

The voice of small business has never been more important

Boston Business Journal, Debra Stark, 03/08/2020

Red + Blue = An Unlikely Pair Lobbying for a 28th Amendment

Northern Express, Craig Manning, 02/22/2020

Cross-partisan public support spurs congressional hearing to overturn Citizens United

The Hill, Jeff Clements, 02/06/2020

Commission studying language of campaign finance amendment

Lowell Sun, Chris Lisinski, 01/30/2020

Massachusetts Crafting Amendment to Counter Citizens United

Boston Herald, Steve LeBlanc, 01/29/2020

My Turn: The Conservatives role in passing an anti-corruption amendment

Concord Monitor, Jim Rubens, 01/25/2020

The Fulcrum, Devin HiettThe Fulcrum, Devin Hiett

The Fulcrum, Devin Hiett, 01/22/2020

10-year-old court case still mars Alaska’s campaign finance laws

Juneau Empire, Joe Geldhof, 01/18/2020

Business Leaders Can Help Reverse Citizens United

International Business Times, Rob Everts, 01/17/2020

Harvard Business Professor Blames Citizens United for Enabling ‘American Oligarchy’

Law & Crime, Leah Field, 01/16/2020

10 years later, Americans stand opposed to Citizens United

The Hill, Leah Field, 01/16/2020

Stand with Maine to reduce special interest money in politics

Bangor Daily News, Diane Russell of Portland is a former state representative. Ed Youngblood of Brewer and Dick Woodbury of Yarmouth are former state senators, 01/15/2020

Institutional Shareholders Must Stand Up to Corporate Political Spending

The Globe Post, Rick Alexander, 01/12/2020

Ten years on, Citizens United ruling has changed U.S. politics — but not in the way many feared

L.A. Times, David Shribman, 12/09/2019

UN International Anticorruption Day highlights democracy as a human right

Leah Field, The Hill, 12/05/2019

For the young, getting big money out of politics is the cause of our time

The Fulcrum, Wambui Gatheru, 12/02/2019

Presidential Candidates: What’s Your Plan for Draining the Swamp?

The Globe Post, Kimberly Clinch, 11/29/2019

Small Businesses Are The Suckers In Washington

International Business Times, John Palmer, 11/20/2019

New York City win for ranked-choice voting highlights demand for democracy reform

The Hill Leah Field, 10/26/2019

‘We Need a Fundamental Change’: Advocates Renew Push for Overturning Citizens United Via 28th Amendment

Law & Crime, Colin Kalmbacher, 10/09/2019

Why The Youth Climate Movement Should Also Address Money In Politics

International Business Times, Wambui Gatheru, 09/18/2019

Legal Heavyweights Say It’s Time to Amend the Constitution

Law and Crime, Colin Kalmbacher, 09/17/2019

The Most Important Issue Missing From the Democratic Debates

Washington Monthly, David Edward Burke, 09/14/2019

Constitution Day: The 28th Amendment Will Move Us Closer To The American Promise

International Business Times, Jeff Clements and Cheryl Crawford, 09/11/2019

Three reasons Republicans should support the 28th Amendment

The Fulcrum, John Wass, 09/11/2019

Three reasons Republicans should support the 28th Amendment

The Fulcrum, John Wass, 08/29/2019

Maine Voices: Citizens United still casts a shadow

Portland Herald, Henry Loughlin, 08/19/2019

Republicans should get behind the 28th Amendment

The Hill, Jim Rubens, 08/07/2019

How the Business Roundtable could create a level playing field for purpose-driven business

The Hill, Elizabeth Doty, 08/07/2019

Drain big money out of politics. Overturn Citizens United. Pass the 28th Amendment

Newsweek, Jeff Clements, 07/30/2019

Five reasons unlimited spending undermines American democracy

The Fulcrum, Leah Field, 07/25/2019

New Hampshire becomes 20th state wanting a campaign finance curb in the Constitution

The Fulcrum, 06/06/2019

New Hampshire can take a stand against political corruption

Concord Monitor, Joe Guthrie, 05/22/2019

Senate Committee Hears Calls for Constitutional Amendment

NH Labor News, 05/02/2019

My Turn: N.H. Republicans want limits on political spending

Concord Monitory, John Pudner, 04/26/2019

Advocate for campaign finance amendment tours Alaska

KTOO, Jeremey Hsieh, 03/20/2019

Don’t let political dollars influence climate change debate

Fremont News Messenger, Ellen Greene Bush, 03/01/2019

Polluted by Money:How corporate cash corrupted one of the greenest states in America

The Oregonian, 02/22/2019

Obfuscating the quid pro quo

Tahlequah Daily Press OK, Kathy Tibbits, 02/21/2019

End dark money in Montana politics

Missoulian, Frank Kromkowski and Ron Lukenbill, 02/13/2019

Bill Nemitz: Democracy is brewing against big money in politics

Portland Press Herald, 02/03/2019

New Hampshire is the next stop on road to 28th Amendment, Ella McGrail, 01/27/2019

Lawmakers Push Constitutional Amendment to Overturn SCOTUS Ruling

Public News Service WY, 01/21/2019

Penn Asks Minocqua Residents To Back Amendment On Corporate Money

WXPR Wisconsin Radio, Dean Acheson, 01/16/2019

America needs a 28th Amendment for more liberty, more representation and better government

Philadelphia Enquirer, Jeff Clements, 11/16/2018

Wyoming Promise exceeds county signature requirement

Sheridan Press, 11/09/2018

A question of money and speech: Referendum seeks the first step in curtailing Citizens United

Commonwealth Magazine, Jack Sullivan, 10/22/2018