A Note from Our President

A few years ago, I had the chance to travel to nearly every state in this country with my then-new book. The book, and my conversations on that tour, were about the damage to America and Americans from the concentrated political power of billionaires, global corporations, the biggest unions and special interests, even foreign governments, spending money to dominate the debate and influence our election outcomes.

The media and politicians always tell us we are a horribly divided people, hopelessly locked in a doom loop of distrust and mutual hatred. But that’s not what I saw in my travels. I saw Americans—regardless of race or ethnicity; urban or rural; north or south; whether limited means, middle-class, or well off—who agreed with me and with each other about what had gone wrong.   

We were united. But we had nowhere to go to do the hard work of recovering the American promise of liberty, equal opportunity, and government of the people. No group was focused on repairing the Constitutional foundation so we could renew freedom for all Americans, effective and honest government, and an equal shot at the American dream, no matter who you are.

Jeff Clements (second-from-right) with a group of American Promise staff members
Jeff Clements (second-from-right) with a group of American Promise staff members

American Promise was launched with a commitment to bring together three essential pieces of the solution to this problem:

  • First, a constitutional solution. America has to restore the Constitutional principle that every American has a free speech right, a right to be heard and represented. 
  • Second, a winning strategy and a dedicated organization that unites the country. An amendment to the U.S. constitution is one of the hardest things Americans do. It takes patience, consensus, and hard work. 
  • Third, honesty and transparency. Our plan requires commitment, resources, and the patience and grit to see it through. We disclose our donors. We talk straight and on the level. 

Americans love a big challenge when everything is on the line and only a mighty effort can save the day. Beat the Nazis. Beat the Communists. Go to the moon. Connect the entire world into one big conversation on the Internet. Blow up the Death Star. 

And with this challenge, it’s the same: Millions of Americans have responded—from every region, state, and background. Our progress so far has been beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. 

We have a clear mission. We have a clear call to service. We have a clear opportunity to unite, heal, and renew our country. The time is now. Welcome to American Promise.  

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