I join the overwhelming majority of Americans to demand an amendment to the United States Constitution to end the domination of big money in politics and give voice to all Americans.
I will stand with all Americans, without regard to party or other differences, and urge all candidates and elected officials to do the same, in order to pass and ratify such a constitutional amendment as soon as possible.

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Our Plan for success

Our plan to pass and ratify the For Our Freedom constitutional amendment

American Promise is bringing together Americans from across political parties to pass and ratify the For Our Freedom Amendment.


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An Amendment Era is Upon Us

Constitutional amendments are such an integral part of the Constitution that we cannot describe the Constitution without thinking about amendments. Our Constitution opens with the phrase “We the People.” It has literally – not symbolically – been shaped by the people who demand, debate, and push amendments through the arduous Article V process of a ⅔ vote in Congress and ratification in ¾ of the states so as to improve and adapt the Constitution to their needs.

The history of amending the US Constitution consists of four brief amendment eras that have occurred roughly every 50 years since the Constitution was adopted.

In fact, millions of Americans alive today participated in winning constitutional amendment campaigns: four constitutional amendments were passed during the last amendment era, between 1961-1971*.

We believe a new amendment era is upon us. Circumstances leading up to each prior amendment era were fraught with national anxiety, division and toxicity. Americans approach the 250th anniversary of our Independence in 2026 feeling the same way:

  • multiple factors are destabilizing American society
  • large majorities of Americans believe that democracy is in crisis and at risk of failing
  • Confidence in leaders and institutions is at an all-time low; three out four Americans lack confidence in the Supreme Court itself

Yet, there is plenty of hope. Past moments of civic unrest have spurred amendments that overruled unjust Supreme Court decisions, and now is such a time.

Americans have faced binary decisions that required constitutional solutions: slavery or freedom, suffrage for women or continued disenfranchisement, elect senators or leave it to state legislatures, support poll taxes or abolish them.

Today, our choice is equally fundamental: either grant Americans the authority to implement anti-corruption laws or don’t.

*These amendments ended the discriminatory and racist poll tax; gave District of Columbia residents the right to vote in presidential elections; enfranchised millions of young Americans who were “old enough to fight, old enough to vote;” and stabilized our government with a succession plan and provisions for an incapacitated president.
50-State Plan

Our 50-State Plan for Success

Passing a constitutional amendment is the necessary and permanent solution to the problem we face. We will need to have millions of Americans with us, active in all 50 states.

While our voices have been drowned out in a system that allows the wealthy to buy politicians and elections, we are not powerless. As prior generations of Americans have done, we can fight back. And that starts now. American Promise is bringing together Americans from across political parties to pass and ratify the For Our Freedom Amendment.

Americans looking to make a difference fuel American Promise and our strategy to pass the For Our Freedom Amendment. Winning is going to take citizens from all 50 states – 22 states have called on Congress to propose the amendment so far. 

The success of our campaign does not depend on Washington lobbyists — it depends on citizen unity and action: We the People, speaking up and taking action where we live.

That’s why we are working in all 50 states to gather active support for the For Our Freedom Amendment. Once the amendment passes votes in Congress, it is sent to the States for ratification. We’ll need all the momentum and support we can muster in every state to make sure the amendment is ratified and becomes part of the US constitution.

What can you do?
  • Organize citizen action in your community
  • Build support and consensus through outreach and conversations
  • Encourage candidates and elected officials at every level to support the For Our Freedom Amendment
How do we make a difference?
  • Speak up: Show your support on social media, videos, letters to the editor, and in your family and local networks
  • Join other volunteers in your area at community events and meeting with elected officials  to earn their support of the For Our Freedom Amendment

American Promise provides tools, connection and training so everyone can make a difference in their communities and for their country.

Cross-Partisan Campaign

Cross-Partisan Civic Engagement

People from all across America – and from all political parties – are coming together for our freedom and equal rights, to strengthen our nation against corruption, foreign interference, division, and dysfunction.

The For Our Freedom Amendment is not for Democrats or Republicans. It’s for us. With more than 75% of Americans supporting a constitutional amendment, and millions of us taking action, we will succeed – together.

More and more Americans from across the political spectrum are growing frustrated with out-of-control political corruption and dysfunction. American Promise is building a non-partisan citizen action campaign for a constitutional amendment that will protect free speech and bring reasonable, transparent and accountable rules for how money is used to influence elections.

Today, nearly every American says “government is run by a few big interests looking out for themselves, not for the benefit of the people.” With the For Our Freedom Amendment, we will restore government of, for and by the people.

American Promise

What Will the Amendment Do?

American Promise unites Americans to win the For Our Freedom Amendment to secure  elections and government for we the people—not big money, not corporations, not unions, not shadowy super PACs and special interests.
  • Protects free speech and the voice of all Americans and ends the domination of our elections and corruption of our representative government by dark money and elite donors.
  • Has overwhelming support from Americans of every political viewpoint.
  • Offers lasting reform and breaks the two-party incumbent-favoring big money system that locks out competition, choice, and progress for the nation.
  • Is the lasting, constitutional method for rebuilding checks and balances, federalism and local freedom against global money nationalizing every election and dividing America.
  • Frees business from pay to play politics and unfair competition from big global corporations that are spending millions of dollars to buy political influence that destroys the level playing field. 
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The Constitution gives Americans a tool to protect our rights when our freedom is threatened: the amendment process. Eight of our 27 amendments so far corrected Supreme Court decisions that compromised the Constitution. Now that the Court made the mistake of inventing a new “right” of the wealthy to spend unlimited (often secret) money in elections, we must act again. No state legislature or Congress can fix it without an amendment. It is up to us.

The For Our Freedom Amendment has has super-majority support across the partisan spectrum and unifies America. Over 90% of Americans believe that government only represents a few big interests, not the good of the people or the country. While we have lost faith in the corrupted system, we have a huge opportunity to fix it for good: three out of four Americans support the For Our Freedom constitutional amendment. We can fix the problem and unify the country by working together to get it done.

A constitutional amendment is the foundational reform we need. The For Our Freedom Amendment is the key to fixing a broken system that makes high-dollar donors more powerful than every other American. It offers a lasting, constitutional solution to protect free speech and the equal right of every American to representation and a vote that counts.


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