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I join the overwhelming majority of Americans to demand an amendment to the United States Constitution to end the domination of big money in politics and give voice to all Americans.
I will stand with all Americans, without regard to party or other differences, and urge all candidates and elected officials to do the same, in order to pass and ratify such a constitutional amendment as soon as possible.

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Jeff Clements

CEO and Board Member, American Promise and American Promise Education Fund

Jeff is dedicated to uniting America, strengthening our freedom and republic, and re-asserting the equal rights of every American through the For Our Freedom Amendment. 

“We forge national unity by focusing on what is bigger than any of us: Mend injustice, curb concentrated power, talk openly about racism so we can end it, repair our civic practices, and fundamentally reform how we pay for and run elections so that all voters are heard, represented and served by government.”

Jeff is dedicated to uniting America, strengthening our freedom and republic, and re-asserting the equal rights of every American through the For Our Freedom Amendment.

Jeff Clements has practiced law for three decades in public service and private practice, and is the author of Corporations Are Not People: Reclaiming Democracy From Big Money & Global Corporations. Previously, Jeff has been a partner in a major Boston law firm and served as Assistant Attorney General in Massachusetts. Jeff is the founder of Whaleback Partners LLC, which provides sustainable financing to businesses in the local agriculture economy. He has helped launch and served on the board of many nonprofit organizations and businesses.

Jeff brings legal expertise and a deep base of experience and knowledge to topics including:

  • the troubling and widespread impacts on money in politics on the American people and government;
  • how money in politics affects attitudes toward government and politics across the political spectrum, and deepens partisan divides;
  • constitutional history and how the American people have successfully ratified past constitutional amendments
  • the strategy and roadmap to how the American people can and will pass the For Our Freedom Amendment.
Free Market Politics Part 2, FOMO Sapiens podcast by Harvard Business Review

Dr. Jessica Hare

Vice-President, Outreach

Dr. Jessica is dedicated to using her knowledge and skills to stand against social injustice while empowering not only oppressed populations, but all populations, through ending the domination of money in politics.

“Every year large corporations, industries, and wealthy donors pour money into lobbying and campaigns….Money provides these individuals with power to facilitate and implement policies that shape the economy to work in their favor. The pandemic has further accentuated the fact that this political system in which only the rich have a voice is not a system that works for all.”

With a Doctor of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California, Dr. Jessica’s 13-plus years of professional experience includes child welfare, and military, medical and school social work. Dr. Jessica is committed to the empowerment of black women and girls, advocating on their behalf to promote leadership development and gender equity in the areas of health, education, and economic empowerment. She is an active member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, and serves as a designated speaker for the Domestic Violence Speaker’s Bureau.

Dr. Jessica brings expertise and a deep base of experience and knowledge to areas including:

  • how the use of amassed money in politics is intrinsically linked to issues of social justice, economic equity, representation, and more;
  • why advocates for systems change should be concerned with ending the domination of big money in our electoral and political systems;
  • why no problem affects so many people and so many aspects of the social and emotional needs of Americans—or wrongly concentrates power for the few—than the concentration of massive money in our political system.
Social Work and the American Promise, from Social Work Today
Connect. Commit. Act. panelist moderator, from the National Citizen Leadership Conference

Jere Halligan

Digital Director, American Promise Press Contact

Jere Halligan serves as Digital Director for American Promise. Jere has become a recognized expert in digital marketing and developing transformative communication strategies. Previously, he was the founder of Avenir Thinking and LeaseLabs, two successful digital marketing agencies. Jere has served on the board of and advises many small businesses and nonprofit organizations.