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Learn more about this groundbreaking, grassroots campaign to eliminate foreign influence and corruption in Pennsylvania elections at For Our Freedom Pennsylvania.

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Unchecked outside spending in federal elections has nearly doubled over the last decade in Pennsylvania, where it jumped from $12.2 million in 2011-2012 to $21.2 million in 2019-2020. Much of this big money is pouring into Congressional campaigns: Of the state’s 18 U.S. House races, only one drew less than $1 million in total spending; the most expensive topped $20 million. In total, PA saw over $584 million in total outside spending in 2019-2020 alone.


“Powerful out-of-state special interest groups weaken the voice of Pennsylvania voters by spending millions of dollars to gain an outsized influence on policy and legislation. Pennsylvanians can take this opportunity to lead in the fight to get this questionable money out of politics.”

MARK SCHWEIKER, former governor of Pennsylvania

What’s Happening in Pennsylvania?

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    Current campaign to make PA the 23rd state to formally call for an amendment
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    Active volunteer network across the state
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    Seeking volunteers to drive our nationwide efforts
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    Cross-partisan support from current and former elected officials

Stand with Pennsylvania For Our Freedom is an active, grassroots, volunteer-led effort that has kept the issue of big money in politics at the forefront of the political conversation through media outreach, petition signing events and much more.  

"It’s time to end harmful projects and reduce the influence of big money in politics. So much is at stake: the health of our state’s beautiful natural environment, our access to clean drinking water, clean air, and fresh local food, and our ability to leave a viable future for our grandchildren."

JUDY WICKS, Pennsylvania entrepreneur, author, and advocate

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Outside Spending and Influence in the 2022 Pennsylvania Senate Election

Read our comprehensive review of the untoward influence of money in Pennsylvania’s most recent senatorial primary elections.

“The most recent Senate primary here in Pennsylvania saw $99 million dollars spent with a large portion of that coming from SuperPACs who turned Pennsylvania into a playground for billionaires and the DC consultant class,” said Cortese. “This influx of unlimited money is minimizing the impact a regular voter can have as their voices are drowned out by the sea of SuperPAC dollars.”

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What Elected Officials Stand with Pennsylvanians?

Our candidate pledge program enables candidates and elected officials to pledge to stand with Pennsylvanians instead of big money.

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scott wallace

"Public opinion is overwhelming. Special interest money corrupts our entire democratic discourse. American Promise gets that, and is making change happen."

SCOTT WALLACE, Pennsylvania social change activist, philanthropist, and former attorney


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