U.S. campaign spending continues to spiral upward to record numbers, climbing to $14 billion for the 2020 federal election and hitting close to $500 million in individual U.S. Senate races such as the 2021 election in Georgia. As billions of dollars overwhelm the voices of average Americans, the political system shifts to favor the wealthy few and upends the foundational principles on which our nation was founded, causing Americans across the political spectrum to call for campaign finance reform.

Americans are coming together in support of campaign finance reform to strengthen our nation against the influx of campaign spending and the subsequent inequality, division, and dysfunction. Out-of-control campaign spending is not a Democratic or Republican issue: With more than 75% of Americans supporting a constitutional amendment for campaign finance reform, itโ€™s clear that establishing reasonable limits on campaign spending is an American issue.

An amendment for campaign finance reform has support from a vast majority of Americans of all political stripes, who increasingly are left out of policy conversations as wealthy donors use campaign spending to control the political dialogue. As a cross-partisan, citizen-driven organization, American Promise is working with Americans across the country to advance the For Our Freedom Amendment and establish lasting campaign finance reform.


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