"The question is, do you want rules that favor the weak competitors? That’s generally what lobbying efforts are about. The strong competitors do not have to undermine regulation; the weak competitors do." —Peter Schwartz

Let’s face it, Americans like to win. And a fair chance to compete benefits everyone. We rise to the challenge, we get better outcomes and a stronger economy, and everyone has a fair shot.

But not in our political system, where a few big donors call the shots, Congress is turned into a millionaire’s club, the two parties rig the rules to prevent competition and choice, and the biggest corporations in the world can “pay-to-play”, tilting the playing field against small business every time. 

Amend the Constitution to end uncompetitive, corrupt pay-to-play politics, level the playing field, and renew the American Promise for all. 

Peter Schwartz: Why Pay-to-Play Politics is Bad for Business 

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"The way the system works now is that whatever administration is in power picks economic winners and losers, rather than letting consumers or the free market decide. If companies can use concentrated wealth to buy policies, to give themselves an unfair advantage, that undermines our consumer choice as well. Big corporations are able to use their power to dominate the marketplace and kill small businesses who cannot compete."

MARYANNE HOWLAND, Founder & CEO, Ibis Communications and Global Diversity Leadership Exchange; Gallatin, TN

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"Business for American Promise commits to the following principles: "We believe in a strong democracy where government is accountable to the people it serves. We believe in a strong economy where companies compete based on the value they create in the marketplace. And we believe in a political system based on checks and balances and an open exchange of ideas."

LISA LEWIN, CEO, General Assembly; Steering Committee, Leadership Now; New York City, NY

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