The Gift of Promise

Americans are passionate, can-do innovators who have proven over our history that we can solve any problem we put our hearts and minds to. But right now we have one big issue to address – the unchecked power of money in politics. When we fix this fundamental issue, we can work together to solve other issues and ensure a bright and prosperous future for our nation.

When you give now through December 1:

  • Get an American Promise sticker pack for any donation of $50 or more.
  • Be entered into a drawing to win a virtual lunch with AP Board member and three-time  Oscar-nominee Debra Winger and actor Arliss Howard.
  • Every dollar you donate will be DOUBLED thanks to a few of our passionate supporters!

American Promise turns five this year, and we are half-way through our 10 year plan to pass the For Our Freedom Constitutional Amendment. Our staff is frugal but powerful, and we've built a network of  the smartest people in the country to work on this effort. We value your contributions and work hard to maximize the value of every dollar. Thousands of Americans have pitched in time and money, and today we need your support.  Let's get this done!

Sticker Pack!


Don't miss our new American Promise sticker pack - we'll send you one (while supplies last!) for every donation of $50 or more.

Cards For Freedom!


Cards for Freedom is the first American 🎉 Promise 🎉 party 🎉 game that turns holiday anxiety into family fun! Download game.


Donate to American Promise Education Fund

Support essential, tested, and piloted educational and civic engagement programs that prepare Americans to ratify an amendment to get dark money and foreign influence out of our elections. Donations to APEF are tax-deductible.


Write A Check

Please make checks payable to:

American Promise, Inc.
33 Bradford Street
Concord, MA 01742


Other Ways To Give

We have other ways to give, including wire transfers, stock transfer and more. Download the PDF for details