Driving Lasting Constitutional Reform

Driving Lasting Constitutional Reform:

How the proposed constitutional amendment to nullify Citizens United v. FEC, protect American elections, secure equal rights to speech and participation, and strengthen elections and federalism has moved from “impossible to inevitable.” (Rep. Jamie Raskin)

History and current events teach that any vision and plan for American reform or renewal must include a Constitutional strategy. Reliance on Supreme Court decisions, particularly in an atmosphere of hostile controlling jurisprudence, is insufficient. Indeed, eight constitutional amendments have specifically nullified Supreme Court decisions.

Now American Promise is five years into execution of a ten-year strategic campaign built on the lessons from the success of Freedom to Marry and the 26th Amendment for voting rights for young Americans, as well as from the challenges of the Equal Rights Amendment.

The American Promise For Our Freedom campaign builds on deep support in the states and Congress: 22 state victories and widespread demand have led to more than 240 supporters in Congress. Now American Promise is poised to win in key states, including Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, that will expand cross-partisan support in Congress, and engage millions of Americans with tested break-through communications.

At this webinar, we’ll discuss key components of successful and lasting constitutional change:


Stephen Heintz

Allison Barlow