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September 7 @ 1:00 pm EDT

Step into the Heart+Mind Connections arena for a daring, no-holds-barred discussion on America’s divisive political climate. We’ve assembled a trio of groundbreaking panelists, ready to equip you with real-life solutions for fostering unity in your workplace, community, and beyond.

Uncover Carrie Conko’s raw insights on why finding common ground is more than a feel-good mantraโ€”it’s a mission-critical goal for effective governance and societal progress. Absorb wisdom from Tami Pyfer, the visionary behind The Dignity Index, as she showcases the transformative power of carefully chosen words in lifting noise to dignified dialogue. Immerse yourself in Riaz Patel’s fresh approach to fostering authentic human connections that defy the boundaries of the digital world.

This event transcends the conventional โ€” it’s a comprehensive toolkit for real change, intertwining strategic insights with practical applications. In addition to the illuminating discussion, we’re thrilled to highlight the release of the SPN documentary, “Undivide Us,” a project where Heart+Mind Strategies had the honor of playing a pivotal role.

Join us to amplify civil discourse, champion unity amidst polarization, and ignite change that resonates in your office, neighborhood, and the world. This is not just a session โ€” it’s an invitation to be a beacon in a divided era. Seize this opportunity to redefine what’s possible in discourse and dialogue. Be the catalyst for unity we need today.


September 7
1:00 pm EDT
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