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I join the overwhelming majority of Americans to demand an amendment to the United States Constitution to end the domination of big money in politics and give voice to all Americans.
I will stand with all Americans, without regard to party or other differences, and urge all candidates and elected officials to do the same, in order to pass and ratify such a constitutional amendment as soon as possible.

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I-Rise Meeting to Target Special Interest Funding

September 21, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm EDT

The monthly Indivisible-RISE meeting on Tuesday will focus on the influence of political spending by corporations and special interest groups and its impact on freely and fairly electing a representative government.

The meeting will be from 7 to 8:15 p.m.

There will be three speakers, including John Bonifaz, co-founder of Free Speech for the People.

The national nonprofit, nonpartisan organization has challenged big money in politics since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in 2010 that paved the way for unfettered political spending by corporate and special interest groups, according to a press release.

Also speaking will be Ayden Nichol of American Promise, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting unlimited political spending by corporations, unions, special interest groups and wealthy people.

State Rep. Tami Gouveia, who has been working to effect change at the state level, will also speak.

Gouveia will talk about the practical realities of fundraising and running for office in the current system, and the big money issue that arises each legislative session.

Email for the Zoom link for this meeting.



September 21, 2021


7:00 pm - 8:15 pm EDT