"The corporate world is realizing that representative democracy is good for business and, conversely, that the upending of the democratic process is bad for business." -Amelia Ahl

Competition makes up the foundation of American innovation as it creates dynamic markets driven to find the best solution. Competition promotes productivity and prosperity because it invests in rewarding new ideas, products, and services. When concentrated wealth is able to manipulate regulation through government interference, it undermines competition, the free marketplace of ideas, and the resilience and vibrancy of our economy.

In this cartoon, there is a person in the foreground who is wearing a suit, smoking a cigar, and holding a coffee mug. A small bag labeled 'federal pandemic $' is dropping into the mug. In the background, there's a person whose shirt reads 'small business,' who is also holding out a coffee mug and looking up at the bag of money—which isn't being dropped into their mug.

Peter Schwartz: Far-Sighted Businesses Should Support an Amendment

Competition and Freedom

Immense corporate monopolies go against the spirit of American innovation as they strangle out competition in pursuit of private exclusive claim on profit. By amassing concentrated wealth and power and then using it to change the rules of the system through political spending, the wealthiest businesses are able to eliminate the innovation that drives our development as a nation forward. The For Our Freedom Amendment will ensure companies compete on an even playing field, without the ability to use concentrated wealth to manipulate the rules of the game.

Voices for Competition


"The question is, do you want rules that favor the weak competitors? And that’s generally what … lobbying efforts are about. The strong competitors do not have to undermine regulation; the weak competitors do."

Futurist, business strategist and author PETER SCHWARTZ

"No one should have to spend to be heard by their elected representatives; that is a constitutional right. Companies should not have to thread the needle between spending to stay alive in Washington and being able to hold their heads up with employees, customers shareholders, or activists."

ELIZABETH DOTY, founder of Leadership Momentum and American Promise Advisory Council Member

American Promise President Jeff Clements, left, joined Ron Epstein at an American Promise event earlier this year in California.

"What you could see was that a small number of companies could make what to them was a modest investment of a few tens of millions of dollars to achieve many hundreds of millions of dollars a year in direct economic benefit by not having to pay patent holders for the use of their inventions."

Retired Patent Attorney RON EPSTEIN (right)

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