Open Letter from Business Leaders to Members of Congress

Created by American Promise

As business leaders and citizens with a wide variety of political interests and affiliations, we are convinced that the current dysfunction of our political system is not self-correcting; systemic change is required to restore the health of our civic institutions and the integrity of our government.

We have come together out of a deep personal commitment to representative democracy and a shared concern for our country, compelled to add our voices to those of millions of Americans across the political spectrum who agree that action is needed. Specifically:

We believe in a strong democracy where government is accountable to the people it serves. Unlimited political spending by corporations, unions, or individuals—U.S. and foreign—causes elected officials to be more responsive to special interests than to their own constituencies. This undermines faith in the American democratic process, violates decades of practice, and disregards the intent of the Constitution.

We believe in a strong economy where companies compete based on the value they create in the marketplace. As business leaders, we are uniquely positioned to clarify that a pay-to-play environment, where businesses compete by buying political influence, damages the real drivers of American innovation, competitiveness, and long-term prosperity.

We believe in a political system based on checks and balances and an open exchange of ideas. Unlimited political spending leads to concentrations of power, attacking the very foundations of our democracy, stifling productive political debate, inhibiting qualified candidates for political office, and impeding pragmatic, lasting solutions on any issue.

Therefore, we support a Constitutional amendment to allow limits on political spending, as one of several critical reforms needed to secure our republic. We commit to act as citizen leaders, informing ourselves and lending our voices as Americans across the political spectrum work together to craft, pass, and ratify such an amendment.

We therefore respectfully call on you, our Senators and Representatives in Congress who are charged with protecting our republic from corruption, to support the For Our Freedom Amendment by formally proposing it as an amendment to the United States Constitution.

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