We the people of Maine agree with the Maine Resolution calling for an amendment to the United States Constitution to “reaffirm the power of citizens through their government to regulate the raising and spending of money in elections.”

We urge all candidates and elected officials to pledge to work together, without regard to party or other political differences, to pass and ratify such a constitutional amendment as soon as possible.

What Mainers Are Saying:

I am encouraged to see the progress of this proposed Constitutional amendment. We need effective and reasonable regulation of money in our political system to protect the integrity of elections and secure the equal right of all Americans to free speech, representation, and participation in self-government.
Olympia Snowe
Olympia SnoweFormer Senator, (R-Maine)Lewiston, ME
More than 80% of Americans know we need this Constitutional amendment so that all citizens can exercise our free speech rights and participate in self-government on equal terms. Constitutional amendments take persistence and action from Americans who put the country ahead of their political party. Stand With Maine and American Promise are bringing Mainers and all Americans together to make this Constitutional amendment a reality, and all of us will be better for it.
Tom Allen
Tom AllenFormer Congressman, (D-Maine)Portland, ME
We are about to enter an election where an endless supply of outside money is about to overwhelm our elections, our voices, our Republic. This disturbing trend means rural residents, in lightly populated areas, have a diminishing ability to raise money and defend their communities from those that impose their political will from another region of the state or nation. I stand with Maine for a constitutional amendment to defend our rights to stop the money take-over of our elections and to secure our representative government of the people.
David Trahan
David TrahanExecutive Director, Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, former State Senator & RepresentativeWaldoboro, ME
Maine has been a leader in the fight to get money out of politics, but our democracy is literally drowning in corporate and wealthy donations which is impacting policies across the board. While Americans largely agree on raising the minimum wage, addressing climate change, ensuring universal health care and education, protecting women's rights, protecting our environment, and reducing wealth inequality, uber rich donors are demanding politicians represent them and not the people. It's time to unrig the system once and for all, and we can't do that without rebalancing the money in politics problem.
Diane Russell
Diane RussellFormer State Representative, (D-Maine 39th)Brunswick, ME
I believe that a sustained effort to achieve this amendment will be a legacy Americans, and Mainers in particular, will be proud of in future generations. I want my children to say ‘my mom was an entrepreneur, and she helped pass the 28th Amendment to overturn Citizen’s United.’ I would like them to see that they can innovate, build, achieve their dreams, enjoy living in and working in Maine, and participate in our democracy on equal terms with all other citizens. I urge Maine politicians to lead on this issue, supported by their bi-partisan constituents.
Marada Cook
Marada CookGeneral Manager, Crown O MaineNorth Vassalboro, ME
After more than 40 years of organic farming we’re convinced that working to advance the common good is the best way to reclaim our democracy, support our neighbors and build community. Maine has pioneered public financing of elections and has shown how our country can elect leaders without them selling out to corporations and powerful interests with agendas. Let’s be sure to give corporations rights as “citizens” the day after they send their children to war on our behalf.
Jim Gerritsen
Jim GerritsenTwo-Generation Certified Organic Seed FarmBridgewater, ME
Stand with Maine, and its partnership with American Promise nationally, offers a pathway to containing the excessive spending in today’s politics. Acting together, across all parties and independents, we can reverse the divisive impact of unlimited money in political campaigns and restore citizen voice in our democracy.
Dick Woodbury
Dick WoodburyFormer State Senator, (I-Maine 11th)Brunswick, ME
So let’s Stand with Maine. From York to Aroostook County, a group of Mainers of all different perspectives, political views and walks of life are organizing to stand with Maine and say enough is enough: outside money is concerned not with the wellbeing of Mainers but the wellbeing of entrenched power and special interests
Ed Youngblood
Ed YoungbloodFormer State Senator, (R-Maine 31st)Brewer, ME
‘As Maine goes, so goes the nation!’. Let’s revitalize this message by being a leader in the tri-partisan effort to stop the dominance of big money in all aspects of our political system. In this age of divisiveness, this can be a unifying principle—left and right-- to move our country ahead
Roger Katz
Roger KatzFormer State Senator, (R-Maine 15th)Augusta, ME
Our democracy is built on the idea that the best hope for our future is to entrust voters with the power to set the course for our states and our nation. Nothing should interfere with that process, yet each election cycle is marred by the ever-increasing influence of money, distorting our access to information and drowning out the voices of the people. But we the people have the power to regain control. I support Stand with Maine as the best way to use our power to bring about a more perfect union and a more perfect Maine.
John Brautigam
John BrautigamFormer State Representative, (D-Maine 113th); Counsel, Maine Center for Clean ElectionsFalmouth, ME

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