Our goal is to make sure every American has an equal say in the decisions that affect our lives.

And to move away from a system that prioritizes the wishes of those with concentrated wealth and power. Our strategy to accomplish this goal is to pass and ratify a constitutional amendment by July 4, 2026 — the nation’s 250th birthday. With the support of millions of people across America and across the political spectrum, we are well on our way. Learn more about our strategy and progress, and how you can help achieve this critical reform.

Support for the amendment in Congress is strong and growing with 220 of the 290 needed supporters in the House and 47 of the 67 needed in the Senate. Help us build that number by encouraging the members of Congress who represent you to sign on to the American Promise Candidate Pledge.

We’re on our way across the USA! Through state ballot campaigns and legislative victories, 20 of the 38 states needed to pass an amendment are already on board. Learn how you can help build support in your state through the American Promise Chapter network.

An amendment will correct the 2010 Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court ruling that money is speech, a decision rooted in inequality. Throughout history, Americans have used the amendment process to address Supreme Court decisions that do not reflect our nation’s core principles of equal rights, anti-corruption, and human liberty. Learn more about the 28th Amendment.

The journey toward the 28th Amendment begins with some of the most important U.S. Supreme Court decisions dealing with campaign finance.

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