Voting rights have increasingly been the topic of national discussion around democracy reform as anti-voter legislation has rolled out in states across the country. Voting rights are one of the most critical components of self-government. Every person’s right to vote lies at the heart of our democracy. It is the bedrock principle of democracy—that every vote counts equally.

The escalating and unbridled influence of big money in politics undermines the equality of every person’s voice. When those with access to concentrated wealth can use that money to influence the outcomes of elections and policy decisions, they drown out the voices of ordinary Americans. Alongside legislation that limits voting rights, this inequitable system leaves citizens increasingly isolated, angry, and divided. Passing a constitutional amendment to limit the influence of money in politics is an important first step in democracy reforms aimed toward ensuring the fundamental principle that every vote counts equally.

American Promise is working with Americans across the country to advance the For Our Freedom Amendment and ensure an equal voice for every American. The For Our Freedom Amendment is supported by more than 75% of Americans of every political persuasion. With this foundation in place, we can secure voting rights and other democracy reforms to ensure every American’s voice is heard.


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