Pennsylvania Bids to be 20th State Calling for Constitutional Amendment to Get Big Money Out of Politics

Philadelphia, PA – August 22nd, 2017 – American Promise brought more than 100 citizens together Tuesday night in support of a 28th Amendment to ensure that people – not money, not corporations, not special interests – govern themselves.

Citizens both wanting to learn more about this movement, and already in action, were in attendance. Members of the newly formed Tri-County, NJ American Promise Association made the trip, setting an impressive example of democracy in action.

Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and Head Stamper at Stamp Stampede, brought with him free ice cream and a cogent overview of our current political reality. He dished out both expertly.

Judy Wicks, award-winning author and founder of, to name just a few, the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia and Philadelphia’s White Dog Café, explained how money in politics affects Pennsylvanians specifically.

Jeff Clements, American Promise President and author of the book, ‘Corporations are not People: Reclaiming Democracy from Big  Money and Global Corporations’, emphasized the civic duty of every citizen to help get money out of politics, and described the national movement already underway to pass a 28th Amendment.

Over a dozen Pennsylvania State Representatives spoke alongside these community leaders in support of HR 440, a resolution seeking to make Pennsylvania the 20th State to call for a Constitutional Amendment to get big money out of politics.

“[We’re here] to support a resolution which I’ve introduced, urging Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision, which allowed corporations to spend as much money, an unlimited amount of money, saying they have the same free speech rights as you and I,” said State Rep. Frank Dermody, lead sponsor of HR 440.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Maureen Madden shared why this issue affects all Americans.

In Pennsylvania’s 2007-2008 election cycle, $83,217,959 was spent. In the post-Citizens United 2015-2016 election cycle, $159,387,350 was spent, nearly doubling the total of eight years ago. Citizens, regardless of political affiliation, agree that money plays too big a role in politics, and are stepping up to the plate urging their elected officials to do the same.

If you live in Pennsylvania, contact your State Representative urging them to support HR440.

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