Help Make New Hampshire the 20th State Calling for the 28th Amendment

HB 504 has been introduced in the New Hampshire state legislature, making New Hampshire the next stop on the road to a 28th Amendment!

Getting money out of politics isn’t a partisan issue, it’s an American one, and Granite State voters know it. Since 2012, there have been 82 local resolutions in favor of this constitutional amendment, and 80% of voters—including 79% of Democrats, 74% of Republicans, and 85% of Independents—believe big money in New Hampshire elections is a problem.

81% of New Hampshire voters believe donors, lobbyists, corporations and special interests have more influence in state politics than voters. Only 14% of Granite Staters think voters have the most influence.

Our job is to translate this cross-partisan support among everyday Americans into cross-partisan support among elected officials. Get involved today!

HB 504 would make New Hampshire the 20th state calling on Congress to pass an amendment so people—not money, not corporations, not unions, not special interests—govern.

“As a country we fight with each other over every issue from climate change to gun control, taxes to healthcare, when the fact is that none of our fighting, on either side, will mean much of anything to those in power until we have a government that actually represents people, instead of whatever group has the most cash,” said New Hampshire State Representative Ellen Read, the lead sponsor of HB 504.

“The fact that 19 states have already officially called for this amendment proves that Americans are sick of feeling powerless. Corporations are not citizens, the wealthy deserve no more or less representation than the rest of us, and while money may talk, in doing so it silences millions,” Ella McGrail, college student and American Promise Cross-Partisan Advisory Council Member.

This bill needs your support to pass. Click here to find out what you can do.

Here are some of the ways big money has affected the Granite State in recent years and why New Hampshire citizens are fired up about HB 504.

There’s no one reason to support HR 504. Money in politics is a root cause issue affecting so many others. We need people power to pass this historic legislation, so get involved today!

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