Jimmy Carter Joins the Majority of Americans and Endorses the 28th Amendment!

I am so happy to share that President Jimmy Carter has joined all of us in the American Promise community, along with the overwhelming majority of the American people, in support of a constitutional amendment to end the unbridled influence of money in politics. President Carter has dedicated his life to the service of others, and no problem affects the majority of Americans more than the concentration of massive money in our political system.

As Vice President of Outreach at American Promise, it’s my job to bring together the millions of Americans who agree that our voices are meant to count equally in this nation — that the decisions that affect our lives shouldn’t be determined by a few big-dollar donors, but by all of us. It is my pleasure to help people join this campaign so they can meaningfully work with others in their communities and across the country — regardless of political views or background — to further a better future for our nation.

Connecting with my fellow Atlantan President Carter was a special privilege, and his support is a milestone on the road toward restoring and strengthening American constitutional democracy. Yet in the work we are doing, every person’s voice is equally important. So I invite you if you have not yet done so, to join President Carter and sign the American Promise pledge. If you have already signed, then reach out to a friend, colleague, or loved one and invite them to do the same.

When we come together in this important work, we lift up one another, our communities, and the fundamental promises of equality and freedom that our nation strives to fulfill.

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