The Power of Political Social Work: America's BIG problem with BIG Money in Politics.

$14 billion dollars was spent in the 2020 election cycle - double the amount spent in 2016. Each election cycle brings more division, disinformation and dysfunction.

90% of campaign spending comes from just 300 wealthy donors.

The powerful few smother the voices of 330 million Americans. Until this imbalance is fixed and every person's voice matters, we will never address America's most pressing challenges.


United support for a Constitutional Amendment.


Three-quarters of Americans agree that people like themselves have little influence in Washington - demonstrating rare unanimity across political, economic, racial and geographical lines.

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Why the American Promise Amendment IS The Solution to this Systematic Problem.

The American Promise amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows reasonable limits on the power of money in our political system. The voices and contributions of all Americans will count, with small-dollar donations incentivized and the mega-dollar donations and dark money disinformation eliminated. 'We the People' will decide how best to protect our rights, voices, and representation against corruption and out-of-control spending by the most powerful interests, so we can keep the promise of American freedom and self-goverment forever.

American Promise brings Social Workers and Americans together to help restore our democracy.

Structural reform and adjustments that benefit every American

Understanding the dignity and worth of each person

Freedom and opportunity

Equal voice and representation

Empowering communities to determine their needs

The time is right for more Political Social Work: social work practice, theory, and research that focuses on the use of policy and politics to create social change.

β€œI decided it was time to take the plunge and get into elected office. Social work is about helping people. It’s about sitting and listening to their issues and problems and challenges.”

Sylvia Garcia

U.S. Representative

Working to address and redress inequality and injustices impacting the lives of communities, families, individuals, and the socially disadvantaged.

Working to achieve human rights and social justice through social development, social and systematic change, and advocacy.

Becoming involved in social and political action that seeks to ensure that all people have total access to the resources, employment opportunities and services required to meet basic human needs.

We Have Done This Before.

Voters have passed EIGHT Amendments correcting the Supreme Court:

11th Amendment - Creditor suits against the states.

13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments - Nullified the Dred Scott decision.

16th Amendment - Modernized taxation reform.

19th Amendment - Won women the right to vote.

24th Amendment - Declared the 'Poll Tax' unconstitutional

26th Amendment - Empowered 18, 19, and 20 years old with the right to vote.

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