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December 7, 2017

28th Amendment Nears Massachusetts 2018 Ballot

28th Amendment Nears Massachusetts 2018 Ballot

December 7, 2017
Published By American Promise

By Azor Cole, Citizen Empowerment Coordinator (azorc@americanpromise.net)

Boston, Massachusetts – December 6th, 2017 – People Govern, Not Money, the volunteer, citizen-led group working to place the 28th Amendment on the 2018 Massachusetts ballot has dropped off close to 90,000 signatures, with voters from all of Massachusetts’ 351 towns, to the Secretary of State. 64,750 signatures are needed to pass this initial hurdle. The bar has been cleared – and then some.

“Americans across the political spectrum are not just sick and tired of corrupt money-driven politics, we are stepping up to fix it once and for all with the 28th Amendment to the Constitution,” said Jeff Clements, American Promise President. “With this inspiring, volunteer-driven campaign, 90,000 Massachusetts citizens have acted to help give millions more Massachusetts voters a say in November 2018 to make the 28th Amendment and national renewal a reality. It shows what we can do when we come together, believe in the power of citizen leaders, and take action where we live.”

Citizen Leaders collected signatures for 9 weeks, showing their civic might in not only reaching the needed number, but eclipsing it convincingly. The campaign is full speed ahead.

“The most rewarding aspect of this campaign for me has been witnessing the outpouring of enthusiasm and support from people who have jumped in with both feet,” said Nancy Heselton, member of People Govern, Not Money.

Will you pitch in $28 to help continue this momentum?

“It’s really an extraordinary feeling of what is possible, of hope and optimism and the power of individual citizens to create change,” said Kim Wass, member of People Govern, Not Money.

This is a win for the 28th Amendment, but it’s also a win for democracy, testament to the fact that citizens, when working together, can achieve monumental feats.

“Throughout the process, close to 900 volunteers had over 100,000 conversations with their neighbors about the need to reduce the undue influence of money in politics,” said Ben Gubits, Associate Director of American Promise. “This is the type of widespread dialogue necessary to win the 28th Amendment.”

Will you pitch in $28 to keep this historic movement rolling?

“This ballot initiative will establish the first of its kind 15 member Citizens Commission to take testimony, provide reports and make recommendations to assist in the drafting, promoting, proposing and ratifying of the 28th Amendment,” said Gubits. “This could well serve as a model for other states around the nation to replicate in 2020. We’re looking at potential in over a dozen more states to move forward with a 28th Amendment ballot initiative for the 2020 cycle.”

In this national effort, a win for one state is a win for all. We’re one step closer to a democracy where people govern, not money.

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