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March 20, 2024


Pennsylvania House passes HR317 in support of For Our Freedom Amendment

March 20, 2024
Published By American Promise


PA House Committee voted 22-3 in support of  the FOR OUR FREEDOM CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT 

(Harrisburg, PA) – American Promise today thanked the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee for taking an important step towards reclaiming the Commonwealth’s right to limit the influence of elite wealthy interests from outside Pennsylvania which are drowning out the voices of its residents. 

The State Government Committee today passed HR 317, a resolution urging support for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would provide states with authority to regulate campaign financing. It will now head to the House for a floor vote.

Pennsylvania is following actions by other states to address pay-to-play politics by amending the U.S. Constitution. Last month, a majority of legislators in the Wyoming House voted in favor of a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment. 22 other states have passed similar resolutions. 

Americans across the political spectrum conveyed in a survey recently that reducing the influence of money in politics is among their top three policy priorities, behind strengthening the economy and defending against terrorism. Three fourths of voters from both political parties support the For Our Freedom Amendment. These actions are shaped by record spending in the 2024 election cycle and voters’ concerns that elected officials are working on behalf of wealthy donors and foreign actors at the expense of their constituents. This amendment, which gives states and Congress the power to set limits on political spending, is the only path to reverse previous Supreme Court decisions. 

“Pennsylvanians are tired of seeing money dominate our elections. We want the best candidates to represent us in Harrisburg and in Washington D.C., and not have elections influenced by those with the most money to spend,” said Pennsylvania State Manager for American Promise, Matthew Powell. “There is overwhelming support in Pennsylvania for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to address the problem of the influence of money in politics, and the For Our Freedom Amendment would do just that. The actions taken by the Members of the House State Government Committee are a crucial step in restoring power back to the people, giving legislators the ability to determine campaign finance laws, not the courts, and renewing faith and trust in our elections.”  

After being proposed by Congress, the For Our Freedom Amendment will have to be ratified by state legislatures across the country. Twenty-two states have already affirmed their support for such an amendment.

About American Promise 

American Promise is a cross-partisan organization committed to a singular vision: ratifying the For Our Freedom Amendment to empower the states and Congress to set reasonable limits on political spending, ensuring every American voice counts. Our mission has drawn support from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike. Leaders from business, politics, academia, the military, and nonprofits are among our ranks, including former members of Congress and Supreme Court justices.


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