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Washington citizens are joining Americans across the nation to come together and stand up to big money and say the decisions that matter in our states and our lives should be up to us. Join us today by signing the pledge.

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In 2020 more than $14B was spent on elections, the vast majority of it from a very small percentage of ultra-wealthy donors. To protect the right of Washington voters to make our own decisions and our way of life, we must stand together to end the flood of money drowning out our voices in our own elections.

Trevor Potter

“Americans across the board believe that candidates and representatives should listen to, represent, and be accountable to the people who can vote for them, not a few big national donors...The time is ripe for the American people to engage in constitutional politics by pressing for a 21st-century constitutional amendment. ”

TREVOR POTTER, president of the Campaign Legal Center; former chair of the Federal Election Commission and advisor to the late Senator John McCain

“There are some studies, and this has been confirmed by friends of mine in Congress, that up to 60% of a Congressperson’s time is spent raising money for the next campaign — meaning that time is not devoted to doing the business of the people who live in the district. There’s something wrong with that.”

DEVAL PATRICK, former governor of Massachusetts, U.S. Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, and leader with businesses including Texaco, Coca-Cola & Bain Capital

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Dr. Jessica Hare

“Millions of people in states around the country have seen their elections dominated by big money from outside sources. And this spending has real consequences. Following the $14 billion 2020 election cycle, a wave of restrictive voting laws have cropped up in state legislatures. Voter restrictions and unlimited political spending combined further relegate political influence to wealthy elites while diminishing the power the rest of us hold.”

JESSICA HARE, Vice President Outreach, American Promise

Our Progress So Far

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    21 states have called on Congress to pass the amendment
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    Americans in all 50 states have signed the citizen pledge
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    Amendment legislation introduced in the House and Senate

American Promise is activating a grassroots, volunteer-led effort that has kept the issue of big money in politics at the forefront of the political conversation through media outreach, petition signing events and much more. 


Keep the Promise: America250

“The degree and manner of political and election spending endangers democracy, republican self-government, and the equal rights of all Americans.”

-MASSACHUSETTS CITIZENS COMMISSION on a Constitutional Amendment for Government of the People

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Our candidate pledge program enables candidates and elected officials to pledge to stand with the citizens of their state rather than big money.



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