For Our Freedom – New Hampshire Primary

I join the overwhelming majority of Americans to demand an amendment to the United States Constitution to end the domination of big money in politics and give voice to all Americans.
I will stand with all Americans, without regard to party or other differences, and urge all candidates and elected officials to do the same, in order to pass and ratify such a constitutional amendment as soon as possible.

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If you are a voter in New Hampshire, we need your help! Please join this crucial campaign to find out if the candidates running for President of the United States support a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to end the dominance of big money in politics. 


Big money and special interests have captured our government. This is the root cause of government dysfunction and inaction on the most critical issues of our time. As voters, we have a right to know if those running for our highest office are willing to stand up for the people by supporting a Constitutional Amendment that will end crony capitalism and restore the people’s voice in government. 

It’s time to stop billionaires, from both sides of the aisle, from buying our elections. New Hampshire is the first primary in the nation for a reason – we are trusted to properly vet these presidential candidates, and it is our responsibility to make sure this question is getting asked at every event over the coming events. 

You can also reach out directly to American Promise’s VP of Volunteer Advocacy & Training, Mike Monetta, at any time.