An urgent need.
A historic opportunity.
A renewed democracy.

The promise of our greater American democracy in freesom, equal rights, and equal representaion for every person.

division, disinformation, and dysfunction. Our democracy is in crisis, and the promise slips further from our reach.

$1 out of every $13 spent in federal ellections comes from just 12 megadonors.


In 2020, over $14 BILLION was spent on elections.

This means the voices of 330 million Americans are smothered by the powerful few.

Until this imbalance is fixed and every person's voice matters, we will never address America's most pressing challenges.


So today, American Promise brings Americans together to correct the course of history.

Our Amendment

A constitutional amendment is a proven, achievable, and necessary solution

The American Promise Amendment to
the US Constitution allows reasonable limits on the power of money in our political system. The voices and contributions of all Americans will count, with small-dollar donations incentivized and the mega-dollar donations and dark-money disinformation eliminated.

“We the People” will decide how best to protect our rights, voices, and representation against corruption and out-of-control spending by the biggest interests, so we keep the promise of American freedom and self-government. Forever.


Freedom and opportunity

Equal voice and representation

Communities and states able to determine their needs

A united republic, empowered to fix the problems we face


“Constitutional amendments are the story of America. With them, we have resolved and won the most epic struggles and fulfilled the best aspirations of the nation.”

Jeff Clements President of American Promise

8 PREVIOUS AMENDMENTS have nullified Supreme Court decisions that locked unjust, outdated, and unworkable ideologies into Constitution.


This pursuit is the most impactful exercise in democratic engagement ever invented.

Our Work

Our work builds overwhelming support for the amendment across the political spectrum

Citizen Support

Three out of four Americans want this amendment, a desire that uniquely transcends partisan lines.


“It is time to accept the historical gravity of our situation. It is time for Americans of all political viewpoints to come together to win the 28th Amendment—and renew U.S. democracy again.”

Doris Kearns Goodwin Presidential Historian,
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author, National Advisory Council

Citizen Support


Bipartisan Endoresement

After two years of study, research, and community meetings with hundreds of Americans from different backgrounds across the nation, the Commission—a bipartisan group convened by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences—created its vision to reinvent a more inclusive, effective, and resilient democracy for the 21st century by 2026.


“The Constitutional Amendment that American Promise has been advancing is the only amendment that the Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship has endorsed."

Stephen Heintz President and CEO,
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Co-Chair, Our Common Purpose

Our Work

American Promise is the leading citizen-powered democracy reform organization.

We empower supporters to act in states across the country.

American Promise Chapters
Citizen Leaders

Our Mission

American Promise exists to empower, inspire, and organize Americans to pass a constitutional amendment to end unlimited money in our elections, ensure freedom, and return our government back to ‘We the People.’

From Alaska to Maine and all points in between, from living rooms and boardrooms to city halls and state houses, Americans are coming together to renew the promise of human liberty, equality, and a true representative government.


Our Programs

Our programming connects people with each other; with trainings, tools, and support; and with a plan to win the amendment.


We connect Republicans with Democrats, business leaders with college students, legal scholars with social justice activists, veterans with environmentalists, and citizens to their representatives.

We convene educational events at the local, state, and national levels, bringing together people with varying perspectives who are united in seeking a path out of the division and dysfunction of our democracy.

Our empowerment programming connects supporters with the trainings and tools to join a local American Promise Chapter or one of our National Networks. We build the skills required for high impact outreach and advocacy.

Our programming connects our citizen
leaders with the strategy, training and support necessary to move the amendment through Congress and get their states ‘Ready to Ratify’.

We have successfully completed the first phase of our 10-year plan

The Keep The Promise $20 Million Fundraising Campaign will support Phase 2 and move us closer to a future that works for all.


Connect Americans across the country to drive the national reform narrative.



Lead events that unite and empower support.


States Ready-To-Ratify

Build momentum state by state.



Align elected officials’ votes with the will of the people.


Together we can:

Eliminate the special interest influence in our elections.

Hold our elected officials accountable.

Build a government of the American people, for the American people.

We can ensure freedom, equal representation, and the promise of our great American democracy for generations to come.

Empower Citizen Leaders

Build cross-partisan consensus and replicable state campaigns.

2017 to 2020

Pass Congress with 2/3 Vote

Replicate and leverage state-based campaigns, candidate pledges, and citizen action.

2021 to 2023

Ratify by 3/4 of States

Leverage citizen-led action to secure victory in 38 states

2024 to 2025

It's within your power to transform the course of American History

Keep The Promise