An urgent need.
A historic opportunity.
A renewed democracy.

The promise of our greate American democracy in freesom, equal rights, and equal representaion for every person.

division, disinformation, and dysfunction. Our democracy is in crisis, and the promise slips further from our reach.

$1 out of every $13 spent in federal ellections comes from just 12 megadonors.


In 2020, over $14 BILLION was spent on elections.

This means the voices of 330 million Americans are smothered by the powerful few.

Until this imbalance is fixed and every person's voice matters, we will never address America's most pressing challenges.


So today, American Promise brings Americans together to correct the course of history.

Our Amendment

A constitutional amendment is a proven, achievable, and necessary solution

The American Promise Amendment to
the US Constitution allows reasonable limits on the power of money in our political system. The voices and contributions of all Americans will count, with small-dollar donations incentivized and the mega-dollar donations and dark-money disinformation eliminated.

“We the People” will decide how best to protect our rights, voices, and representation against corruption and out-of-control spending by the biggest interests, so we keep the promise of American freedom and self-government. Forever.