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March 20, 2024

Statement by American Promise CEO Jeff Clements On Dark Money Race In The 2024 Election

Statement by American Promise CEO Jeff Clements On Dark Money Race In The 2024 Election

March 20, 2024
Published By American Promise

Democrats regularly lecture Republicans for their rampant dark money spending. But they ought to look in the mirror. For the fourth election cycle in a row, billionaires and liberal dark money groups are actually set to spend more than Republican-backed groups, which threatens to keep politicians beholden to special interests that don’t do anything to help hard-working Americans grasp the American dream.

The political system on which America was founded – freedom, equal representation, and government of we the people – is buried each election cycle under fat checks from billionaires, global corporations, and foreign actors who don’t even live in America. For most Americans now, we have a system of – corruption, where government no longer serves the interests of everyday Americans, with election cycles that few believe will significantly improve their lives.

The elite donor class and coastal billionaires want to have it both ways on money in politics. They want us to think they care for the common worker, then spend their time at L.A., New York, and Washington D.C. fundraisers for politicians, courting votes on their pet issues, and providing endless campaign cash that is spent to drive Americans apart. This hypocrisy is infuriating to Americans who struggle to make ends meet at home.  

Simply put, Americans feel left behind and ignored, and view political spending as the culprit that needs to be addressed. No one is buying the DC blame game and finger pointing anymore. Both parties need to get serious about this situation. The only way to do that is by passing a constitutional amendment like the For Our Freedom Amendment, which has support from 22 states and the overwhelming majority of Republican voters. Candidates for office should pledge their support for the amendment that would empower voters once again to have a voice in their government.

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