Wyoming is Fired Up for 2018 Ballot Initiative

Wyoming is making its bid to be the 19th state to formally call for the 28th Amendment to overturn the notorious Citizens United v. FEC decision. In just the past week before this committee vote took place:

We asked Senator Alan Simpson (R-Wyoming), of the American Promise Advisory Council to speak up on the issue.

Our friend Ken Chestek, an associate professor at University of Wyoming law school, Jeff Clements, and local American Promise members hosted Citizen Uprising events in Wyoming to encourage Wyoming citizens to take action for the 28th Amendment.

These actions inspired dozens of calls and emails to the Wyoming Legislature in support of “Free and Fair Elections” resolution, which won with bipartisan support in committee.

Wyoming volunteers did not retreat when the resolution did not move forward in the brief legislative session. They vow to take it to the people with a statewide ballot initiative!

This is people power at it’s finest — and it’s a major first step towards adding making Wyoming to the unstoppable momentum for the 28th Amendment. Now, with momentum shifting to a Wyoming ballot initiative for 2018, listen to Senator Simpson’s public radio interview on the subject.

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