Fighting to Make Nevada Number 19

On Monday, April 3, Nevada lawmakers proposed Senate Joint Hearing Resolution 4, urging Congress to seek a constitutional amendment that would allow the U.S. government and states to regulate and restrict independent political expenditures by corporations. The resolution was heard by the Senate Legislative Operations and Election Committee.

Nevada would follow eighteen other states that have passed similar resolutions, making it the official nineteenth state to call for a 28th Amendment to the Constitution, and part of a 50-state Citizen Uprising spearheaded by American Promise.

Jeff Clements, President of American Promise, gave supportive testimony, outlining the vital need for cross-partisan cooperation to create a movement strong enough reverse the effects of the billions of dollars that have flooded into federal, state, and local elections. Clements stated that, “Senate Joint Resolution 4 is a critical step forward in the historic drive for the 28th Amendment to secure American democracy for generations to come,” emphasizing the specific  need for Nevadans and all Americans to enact reasonable limits and sound regulation of concentrated money in elections, no matter the source.

The hearing followed a morning of citizen lobby training in partnership with PLAN Nevada and Public Citizen for Democracy Reform Lobby Day. The workshop, built around SJR4 as well as critical voter access bills AB272 and SB94, provided training for local citizen leaders on how to inform themselves, community organize, and take action.

Click here to learn more about how you can help pass this resolution in Nevada or click here to get involved in your community.

Read the full details of SJR4 here.

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