28th Amendment Tour Kicks Off in Boston, MA!

The Writing the 28th Amendment Project began its national tour this week in Boston, MA. Citizen leaders joined Congressman Jim McGovern, and other constitutional experts for debate and deliberation around strongest consensus language for the 28th Amendment.

The event was streamed nationally on Facebook Live, and can be viewed here.

St. Louis, MO, Columbus, OH, and Washington, D.C. are the project’s next stops, but there’s exciting work being done all over the country.

Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern signed the American Promise Candidate Pledge last night, joining the hundreds of candidates running for public office committed to serving people, not money.

“If we want to give our government back to the people, we need to deal with this issue of money, which is what the 28th Amendment would give Congress and the states the power to do,” said Congressman McGovern.

Congressman McGovern is a champion of this issue, an issue with increasing support and public visibility.

American Promise members are at the forefront of public debate on money in politics, making sure candidates understand what we already know: Big money interests are corrupting our republic, and we must take it back. Commitment to a set of core principles, and a pledge to advance them with a constitutional amendment, is what we must ask from every candidate running for office:

  • Rights for human beings over privileges for global corporations and special interests
  • Fair and free elections for ALL Americans
  • Rights of all Americans to equal participation and representation

Winning a constitutional amendment is hard work with lots of moving pieces but Americans are up to the task. Candidate pledge distribution, consensus language writing, media engagement, and educational outreach are happening at the same time, in all 50 states.

Get involved today!

Last night, Americans young and old, came together to further the cause of our time: A 28th Amendment to the constitution to make sure our government works for us, We The People.

The Writing the 28th Amendment-Boston event was co-sponsored by American Promise, the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, Take Back Our Republic, MassVote, Free Speech for People, We the People Massachusetts and Mass PIRG.

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