Congressman Jim McGovern, Jeff Clements, Discuss 28th Amendment on Massachusetts Ballot

On July 6, the Massachusetts volunteer group People Govern Not Money delivered more than 100,000 certified petitions to secure   Question 2 on the November state ballot surrounding the issue of limiting money in politics—an issue with broad cross-partisan support across the nation. On July 9, American Promise President Jeff Clements and Congressman Jim McGovern (MA-02) joined WGBH Greater Boston to discuss Question 2, big money in politics and the potential for a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Question 2, organized by the grassroots People Govern Not Money initiative, will establish an open Citizens Commission to research the effects of big money and special interests on politics and recommend a Constitutional amendment based on the findings. Rep. McGovern said the commission will, “pressure elected officials, at the state and federal level, to do the right thing.”

Support this historic opportunity to vote YES on 2!

The full interview can be viewed here.

People Govern Not Money formed in 2017, and from day one has relied on people power. Thanks to the organization’s work collecting the 100,000 Massachusetts signatures required to get Question 2 on the November ballot, every Massachusetts voter will have the chance to send a powerful message to Congress: There’s too much money in politics and it’s time to ensure an equal voice for every American.

Regardless of political ideology, 84% of Americans recognize that money has too much influence in American politics. With this broad consensus, Clements says, “19 states have called for this amendment [with] overwhelming cross-partisan support… whether it’s Wyoming, a deep red state, or here in Massachusetts, we find deep support for this amendment.”

Support this historic opportunity to vote YES on 2!

The Massachusetts ballot initiative is one more step in the effort to build a national movement to get big money and special interest out of politics. To pass Question 2 in November, People Govern Not Money will embark on a historic, volunteer-based campaign to educate voters about big money in politics and the importance of limiting campaign contributions to ensure all Americans have an equal voice in our democracy.

Such an undertaking will require support all across Massachusetts. Join a national, grassroots movement to strengthen our democracy by volunteering or donating for People Govern Not Money.

The campaign for YES on 2 starts now!

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