Bill Moyers: “You are Fighting for the Third Emancipation in American History”

Watch as Bill Moyers, award-winning journalist, best-selling author and former White House Press Secretary under President Lyndon B. Johnson, shares a passionate, thought-provoking and humorous speech advocating for the 28th Amendment to get big money out of politics. In his speech from the 2018 National Citizen Leadership Conference, Moyers uses anecdotes, historical examples and figures to make the case that getting big money out of politics will be the third emancipation in American history.

“You are fighting for the third emancipation in American history,” Moyers says. “The first emancipated slaves from bondage. The second emancipated African Americans from the tyranny of a Jim Crow noose and Jim Crow laws. And now the third great emancipation is to free our democracy from the grip of big money.”

Moyers discusses the deeper meaning—and profound joy—people find by joining together with one another to pursue social change. When citizens come together to work for each other and with each other, our common humanity is strengthened. He says we must all come together to fight the predatory greed that has overtaken our politics and our society in order to save our democracy. Watch his inspiring speech.

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