Jim Rubens Op-Ed: Republicans Should Support the 28th Amendment

Last week, former New Hampshire State Senator Jim Rubens wrote an op-ed for The Hill urging his fellow Republicans to cosponsor 28th Amendment legislation in Congress. Rubens has worked with American Promise to advance the cross-partisan movement to get big money out of politics, notably helping secure Republican support on a 28th Amendment resolution that made New Hampshire the 20th state to call for the amendment.

In his op-ed, Rubens highlights the high level of support—66%—for the 28th Amendment among Republican voters. He also notes that big money in politics continues to erode public trust in America’s economic and political systems.

“Big government occupies and controls a larger share of the economy and increasingly picks economic winners and losers via tax subsidies, regulatory carve-outs, spending programs and contract awards,” Rubens writes. “Business competes by buying influence or submitting to extortion in Washington, rather than by offering better products and services to consumers. Free markets are becoming crony capitalism. The public accurately views this pay-to-play system as rigged against most of us.” 

At the grassroots level, there is widespread cross-partisan support for an amendment to allow Congress and the states to enact common-sense campaign finance limits. Rubens is one of many Republicans who support the amendment, and he wants to see members of Congress leave partisan labels behind, come together and align their actions with the will of their constituents—and the underlying principles of free-market capitalism and representative democracy.

Read Rubens’s op-ed here.

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