Minnesota Action Alert


Good news!! A bill that calls on Congress to propose a constitutional amendment to end big money in politics has been introduced in the Minnesota State Senate. It has already passed through its first committee – and was referred to the Rules Committee for review. 

This bill will send a message to Congress and the states:

  • we need a constitutional amendment to set reasonable limits on spending in campaigns and elections
  • only natural persons have rights under the constitution; and 
  • transparency is required for any political spending

WE NEED YOUR HELP: Please contact your Minnesota State Senator today and ask them to do the following:

Minnesotans are proud to be the most civically engaged state in the country. We have demonstrated this through our large voter turnout records as well as being the state with the highest initial census counts recorded. We now have the opportunity to cement our standing by being the 23rd state to call on Congress to propose an amendment that would restore our ability to self govern. This amendment proposal will enable us to limit spending in elections. This resolution will demonstrate to our Congressional delegation that Minnesota is ready to ratify such an amendment and let them know that we expect them to lead the way in  this effort.

Learn more about Minnesota’s progress here: https://americanpromise.net/build-support-in-your-state/minnesota/?swcfpc=1.

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