Americans make big reform and renewal happen in historic moments of crisis as we now are experiencing. But it doesn’t happen without Americans willing to step up to help drive that change.

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As more people grow frustrated with increasing political corruption and dysfunction, American Promise is building a non-partisan citizen action campaign for a constitutional amendment that will protect free speech and bring reasonable, transparent and accountable rules for how money is used to influence elections.

Today, nearly every American says “government is run by a few big interests looking out for themselves, not for the benefit of the people.” With the For Our Freedom Amendment, we will restore government of, for and by the people. 

It’s Americans looking to make a difference who fuel American Promise and our strategy to pass the For Our Freedom Amendment. The success of our campaign does not depend on Washington lobbyists or online petitions — it depends on citizen unity and action: We the People, speaking up and taking action where we live. 

The Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship held nearly 50 listening sessions nationwide.

Citizen Action

American Promise is a network of citizens across the country and across the political spectrum advancing the For Our Freedom Amendment to limit money in politics and restore government by the people. This is for real, and we’re driving to get it done by July 4, 2026– to celebrate 250 years of American independence! 

All of us can:

  • Organize citizen action in our communities
  • Build support and consensus through outreach and conversations
  • Encourage candidates and elected officials at every level to support the For Our Freedom Amendment

How do we make a difference?

  • Speak up: Show your support on social media, videos, letters to the editor, and in your family and local networks
  • Join other volunteers in your area community events and outreach to build support
  • Join other volunteers in your area meeting with elected officials to earn their support of the For Our Freedom Amendment

American Promise provides tools, connection and training so everyone can make a difference in their communities and for their country. Check out some of these next steps:

  • Explore our American Promise volunteer network 
  • Explore our Campaign Pledge program
  • Explore our National Business Network 
  • Join other writers in our Contributor Network

Citizen Success Stories

Americans across the nation are achieving critical successes at the local, state and national level to further the success of our campaign. Read about a few of these citizen-led successes.

American Promise volunteers gather outside Santa Fe City Hall.
American Promise volunteers gather outside Santa Fe City Hall.


In New Mexico, American Promise volunteers drove approval of a resolution in support of the For Our Freedom Amendment by the Santa Fe County Commission. Ishwari Sollohub and others met with county commission members and local officials to present the resolution and prepare it for consideration.

Building the strong nonpartisan support for the For Our Freedom Amendment, volunteers in Minnesota passed a county resolution in Sherburne County, one of the most conservative counties in the state, just as they had done in more liberal Minneapolis. Kathryn Tasto and others with American Promise MN united Minnesota volunteers and engaged county leaders to back our constitutional amendment.



As a volunteer leader with the American Promise Knoxville, Chet Hunt worked with his chapter to make the American Promise Candidate Pledge a focus during a recent election cycle—with three congressional candidates and 12 state and local candidates signing on.

Minnesota citizen leaders transformed a simple meeting with a local legislator into Republican-introduced legislation in the Minnesota Senate. Who wrote the legislation? Citizen volunteers themselves, led by American Promise Minnesota State Coordinator Vicki Barnes in collaboration with their elected officials across the spectrum!

New Hampshire was the 20th state to formally call for the amendment after volunteers walked, petitioned, held citizen lobby days, passed dozens of local resolutions, met with candidates and legislators (including more than a dozen presidential candidates who signed the American Promise pledge!). They won a nonpartisan vote of New Hampshire legislators to call for an end to the corrupting influence of big money in politics with the For Our Freedom Amendment.

New Hampshire volunteers led their state resolution campaign.
New Hampshire volunteers led their state resolution campaign.
Citizens of all ages meet with representatives during Lobby Day.
Citizens of all ages meet with representatives during Lobby Day.


American Promise holds an annual National Citizen Leadership Conference and Citizens Lobby Day. Volunteers from almost every state have met with hundreds of Representatives and dozens of Senators in Congress to build support for the For Our Freedom Amendment

Ready to get involved? Three things you can do right now:

Sign the pledge!

Stand with millions of other Americans in telling our elected representatives we want the For Our Freedom Amendment.

Make a donation

Make a donation now to help ensure that We the People — not big money, not corporations, not unions, not special interests — govern ourselves.

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