People from all across America are coming together for our freedom and equal rights, to strengthen our nation against corruption, foreign interference, division, and dysfunction.

This is not for Democrats or Republicans. It’s for us. With more than 75% of Americans supporting a constitutional amendment, and millions of us taking action, we can do this.


Ask Your Candidates to Sign the Pledge

In Congress, support for a constitutional amendment is strong and continues to grow.

Help us build that number by encouraging the members of Congress who represent you to sign on to the American Promise Candidate Pledge.

Build Support in Your State

State ballot campaigns and legislative victories have resulted in 22 of the 38 states needed to pass an amendment being already on board.

These states span the nation and include Alaska, California, Illinois, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Virginia, and many more. Building support in states across America is critical to our success. There are many ways you can get involved—learn how you can take action where you live.


Join Our Network of Volunteers

We need and support volunteer efforts, so that everyone can take action where they live to drive meaningful victories.

Connect with our cross-country network of chapters for training and support to advocate for the For Our Freedom Amendment in communities across the country, in Statehouses and Congress.

Supporters Across the Aisle and Nation

Mary-Anne Howland (1)

"It's time for moral leadership within our businesses, our communities and our government that will return to fair competition, checks and balances, and accountability.”

MARYANNE HOWLAND, Founder & CEO, Ibis Communications and Global Diversity Leadership Exchange

"I am honored to be a part of an organization devoted to bringing people together in order to reform our democracy. As someone with a passion for working on teams that are building momentum for new ideas and new ways of doing things, I am eager to unite all Americans around the For Our Freedom Amendment."

MATTHEW COX, US Navy, Nuclear Submarine Operations Officer (2008-2014); Business owner, Raleigh, NC

Matt Cox
Doris Kearns Goodwin

"It is time to accept the historical gravity of our situation. It is time for Americans of all political viewpoints to come together to win the For Our Freedom Amendment — and to renew U.S. democracy again."

DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN, Presidential Historian, Pulitzer Prize-winning Author

“We need to strengthen our democracy if we want good jobs with good wages, energy sources that are renewable and affordable, and strong, resilient communities. That means we need to win the For Our Freedom Amendment and restore equal citizenship and liberty for all.”

DONNEL BAIRD, Entrepreneur, Founder BlocPower

donnel baird
Manu Meel

"I have a lot of hope because I believe in the power of people. I am not speculating; the needle of progress moves forward when leaders, citizens, and activists combine conviction with empathy to drive unified change in our democracy. The American spirit is defined by overcoming challenges in the face of overwhelming odds."



Ready to get involved? Three things you can do right now:

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Stand with millions of other Americans in telling our elected representatives we want the For Our Freedom Amendment.

Make a donation

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