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Wisconsinites are joining Americans across the nation to come together and stand up to big money and say the decisions that matter in our states and our lives should be up to us. Join us today by signing up.

The Supreme Court has made itΒ unconstitutionalΒ to limit money spent in elections. Outside money is pouring into Wisconsin elections, seeking power and overwhelming the voices of Wisconsin voters.Β The result? Local governments beholden to those other than their constituents, candidates dependent on major donors, growing industry power that opens the door to life-threatening situations like the opioid crisis, in brief, a government and the policies it creates up for sale to the highest bidder.

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What We Are Doing in Wisconsin

In the spring 2020 elections, voters in 17 Wisconsin communities overwhelmingly voted in support of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to reduce the influence of big money in politics. That makes a total of 166 Wisconsin communities β€” representing almost 3.2 million residents β€” that have called for an amendment.

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"Pay-to-play politics harms economic growth and innovation, as well as global competitiveness,” Nagel writes. β€œIt creates a top-heavy economy that does not address the financial concerns of the middle class β€” economic growth is driven by the purchasing power of the middle class.”

JUDY NAGEL, former Vice President-Investment Officer of Wells Fargo Advisors, De Pere, WI

Judy Nagel

What’s Happening in Wisconsin?

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    Voters in more than 160 communities have endorsed measures calling for an amendment
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    Active volunteer network across the state
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    Seeking volunteers to drive our nationwide efforts

Stand with Wisconsin For Our FreedomΒ is an active, grassroots, volunteer-led effort that has kept the issue of big money in politics at the forefront of the political conversation through media outreach, petition signing events and much more.Β Β 

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β€œAs long as money is speech, as the Supreme Court has determined it to be, those with the most money have the biggest megaphone and can drown out those who can’t afford to pay for speech.”

LISA SUBECK, Wisconsin State Representative


Stand With Wisconsin For Our Freedom

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Under the Avalanche report

Under the Avalanche: Maine's Story

β€œWe were 20 feet under snow in an avalanche, and no one could hear us.”

–DAVID TRAHAN, former Republican State Senator and Executive Director of the Maine Sportsman’s Alliance

This report into Maine's recent $200 million senate race provides insights into the ways the infiltration of outside money in our election systems undermines the foundations of self-governance in all 50 states.

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What Elected Officials Stand with Wisconsinites?

Our candidate pledge program enables candidates and elected officials to pledge to stand with Wisconsin instead of big money.

Michael Beardsley

"We should know who is trying to influence our votes and we should definitely know who is influencing our politicians."

ALEX RENARD, Wisconsin Business Owner


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